Monday, November 10, 2008

Separation anxiety

This morning, as Mommy was reversing the car out of the porch, Mommy saw Grandma carrying Juan Or out of the house and heading to the porch. Once Mommy's car was fully reversed out of the porch, Mommy stepped on the brake to stop the car and waved goodbye to Juan Or who was now at the gate. Grandma took Juan Or's hand to wave back at Mommy. Mommy can see Juan Or's face turning sober. Mommy can see into his eyes that his heart felt heavy to see Mommy going away. Does Juan Or really know Mommy is going away to work? Or does he see it as Mommy going away from him for whatever reasons? Mommy wonders. Juan Or didn't end up in tears, but the soberness was obvious. No smiles whatsoever from him. No twinkle in his eyes. Just the grave look.

Mommy gave Juan Or one last wave and put the car to first gear and started moving. Tears started rolling down Mommy's cheek. Poor baby! Having to experience separation at such young age. But Mommy has no choice. Mommy has to go to work to earn money. In this day and age, it is difficult to survive if only one parent is working. So Mommy has to work too to help Papa and so that baby can have a better life.

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