Tuesday, November 11, 2008

De Quervain's Tenosynovitis Syndrome

On 30th October 2008 (Thursday), Mommy has had this shooting pain felt when moving the right hand thumb. This shooting pain has the feeling like a tendon being pulled to the extreme. That Sunday (2nd November 2008), the right hand thumb felt better already (but a more bearable pain now), and now the left hand thumb has the shooting pain instead. This must be the result of carrying Juan Or when breastfeeding. This baby is getting too heavy already! So Mommy was hesitant whether to bath Juan Or or to leave to the babysitter to bath him on Monday. Then Mommy decided that Juan Or should have his bath, but Mommy will modify the bathing method: Use the changing mat instead of the baby bath tub! In that way, if Mommy's hand could not support baby, at least baby can just lie down or do tummy time on the changing mat while taking bath. Had it been a baby bath tub, there's no way baby can lie down or do tummy time and Mommy's hand will have a painfully hard time supporting him all the time. For my 'lecture' on how to bath the baby when your hands ache like hell, go to this URL: http://alicephua.podomatic.com/

Then on 9th November 2008 (Sunday), Sister-in law bought the November 2008 "Parenthood" magazine. An article that seems to describe my condition is there. So now I know what it's called: De Quervain's Tenosynovitis Syndrome. Web resource regarding this syndrome: http://www.eorthopod.com/public/patient_education/6454/de_quervains_tenosynovitis.html

Anyway, Papa had been massaging the heat type of Axe Brand Oil into the affected areas. And the condition is improving. Mommy also had been taking precautions to carry Juan Or using strength from the elbow or using the edge of the bed to support Juan Or's head when breatfeeding.

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