Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Putting Juan Or into Personalized Baby Movies

Mommy checked her Yahoo Mail today and found a mail from www.babyzone.com. The mail was about joining the Huggies Baby Network and getting free goodies. Free goodies!? Sure, why not! So Mommy opened the mail and clicked on to complete the registration process. In the Huggies Baby Network website, Mommy found this interesting page: http://www.huggieshappybaby.com/tools/pm.aspx This page allowed Mommy to create free videos featuring Juan Or as the main star. Oooohh.....this was fun! So Mommy managed to create three movies (actually movie trailers) by making use of some cute Juan Or photos, went through long wait to upload, download and playing the interface despite the slow Internet traffic, sent these movies back to Mommy's Yahoo Mail again so that Mommy can copy and paste the URL links into this blog (right hand panel, scroll downwards, it's just after the Blog Archive, the section called "Juan Or's Baby Movie Trailers"). Enjoy!

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