Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mommy's hands got "itchy" again!

Last Sunday (16th November 08), Papa, Juan Or and Mommy went for shopping in Tesco Extra Cheras. The ground floor of Tesco Extra are all tenants' shops, and one of them is Anakku. So Mommy suggested that Papa go see the Anakku spring cot frame (selling for RM199.90) that is supposedly OEMed from My Dear which we bought for RM130 in the most recent My Dear Warehouse Sale (which we bought on 1st November 08).

Everything else about the Anakku and My Dear spring cot frame is the same, the only difference being My Dear's has 3-level adjustable height whereas Anakku's is not height-adjustable.

Anyway, that has got nothing to do with Mommy's "itchy" hands.......

Mommy's "itchy" hands story actually begins here:

The Anakku outlet also had a Best Value Sale going on for selected baby clothes, and this time was some nice Baby Mickey Mouse set suits (T-shirt and shorts in a set). The Best Value tag said,"2 suits for RM29.90." Meaning, one suit costs only RM14.95. Mommy recalled seeing The Store selling Baby Mickey Mouse set suits for RM18.90 each and that was supposedly offer price! The normal price on the cardboard price tag is RM26.90. So Mommy's hands got "itchy" and decided to buy from Anakku. Luckily, Papa occupied himself by pushing Juan Or on the baby stroller. Otherwise, Papa would have been fuming with impatience while waiting for Mommy to choose which designs to buy. By the way, Mommy bought the two suits at sizes 12-18 months and 1 year, respectively (actually both are of the same size although the size tagging seems different).

Finally, after paying for the Baby Mickey set suits, and stepping out from Anakku, Papa told Mommy that actually this type of sale is to 'cheat' people like Mommy. Yes.....Mommy knows that Juan Or already has sufficient number of clothes for his first toddler year, but most of them are for house wear (including those hand-me-downs from a colleague called Dr. Chan). As far as Mommy remembers (Mommy actually remembers in detail all clothes bought for Juan Or!), his 1-year old toddler clothes for jalan-jalan are:

  • one Winnie the Pooh T-shirt (bought for RM5 at Hytex Warehouse Sale),

  • one army set suit (Made-in-Thailand-type, bought for RM4.90 at a tenant in Central Supermarket) and

  • one Little Koala collared T-shirt (bought for RM5 at a warehouse sale renting in Giant Taman Connought).

  • one Kiko short pants (bought for RM10 from Kiko Warehouse Sale early this year)

  • one blue colour Chinese New Year long sleeve and long pants suit (bought for RM2.98 at a stock clearance sale in Tesco) - not practical for jalan-jalan because the material cannot absorb sweat. Mommy bought it more for Chinese New Year photography purposes!

(See......Juan Or's neck is already too thick at 3 months old so much so the uppermost button has to be left undone!)

Other clothes that can both be used for jalan-jalan and house wear are:

  • 3 singlets (with cute cartoon pictures) obtained as free gifts from the purchase of Hey Baby! disposable diapers and

  • one Baby Mickey Mouse T-shirt (exclusively made for Carrefour type, bought for RM1 from Carrefour's stock clearance).

So Mommy thinks it's justified to buy only two more (no more buying after this!) set suits of the Baby Mickey Mouse type that can be used for jalan-jalan and festive season.

Hehehe....see.....Mommy is making excuses for herself again!

P/S: Hmmmm.......by the way, those clothes for jalan-jalan can also be used for house wear, right? (Of course, the exception would be the CNY suit)

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