Sunday, November 23, 2008

Juan Or is Teasing Mommy

It was near midnight and as usual Juan Or refused to go to sleep and wanted to play. Mommy put him into the baby walker so that he can play by himself. In the midst of playing, Juan Or discovered the backrest of the rattan stool to be his best play thing of the day. At first, he pulled the backrest so much so the stool tilted backwards. Then, he bit and sucked the backrest. On seeing that, Mommy quickly intercepted and said,"Eiiiikkk.....dirty! Cannot!" Juan Or immediately let go and laughed heartily. Then he bit and sucked the backrest again and again Mommy reacted in the same manner. Again Juan Or laughed heartily. And again Juan Or repeated the same thing, this time, as he was about to bite and suck the backrest, he cheekily glanced at Mommy, anticipating Mommy to react. Of course Mommy reacted and Juan Or quickly let go off the backrest. Juan Or burst into squeals of laughter to see Mommy reacting like that. Mommy's boy is so cute! Muah! Kisses for Juan Or!

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