Sunday, November 16, 2008

"I don't wanna go to sleep!"

At around 11 pm, after breastfeeding, Mommy had to take Juan Or downstairs because he was making so much noise and Papa wants to sleep. So upon reaching downstairs, Mommy put Juan Or on the baby walker and he started 'walking' around happily. Then Grandpa asked him,"Juan Or, don't you want to go to sleep?" Immediately Juan Or shook his head from side to side. Eh!!! A 6-month-old baby already can understand spoken words and respond no by shaking the head from side to side!? Great-grandma, Grandpa and Mommy all laughed. So cute! Later, Grandpa asked Juan Or the same question again and again Juan Or gave the same response - shaking his head from side to side as if to say,"No, I don't wanna sleep!"


Syarifah Aisyafaznim said...

wey alice...

ur baby boy dah besar dah sekarang...saaaangat cute...send my regards to Juan On..:-)


Alice Phua said...

Thanks for visitng Juan Or's blog. Yes...I'll tell him that Aunty Syarifah sends her regards.