Monday, October 27, 2008

Rock-a-bye Baby

Juan Or woke up for milk at 1.30 am today. The room was dark and only a little light entered the room. After changing his diaper, breastfeeding him and manually expressing out some more milk for storage, Juan Or was still not anywhere near sleepiness. By the time Mommy went downstairs to store the milk in freezer and went up to the room again, it was already 2.30 am. Juan Or was happily playing by himself. He grabbed a squeeky monkey book and was biting the edge of the book. So cute! But Mommy had to take the book away from him or else the book would be too wet from his saliva.

Juan Or looked on at Mommy - wanting Mommy to play with him. So Mommy put him on the bouncinette and started rocking him. His cute little right hand held on to the side frame of the bouncinette, his face turned to look tenderly at Mommy. Mommy looked into his eyes. Mommy can see that Juan Or felt thankful and happy that Mommy played with and entertained him even in the middle of the dark night and even though Mommy was feeling sleepy. Such loving eyes! Mommy will never forget such tender moments!

After that, Mommy put Juan Or on the bed to lie next to Papa. Shhhhhh.....Papa was sound asleep! Juan Or put out his hand to pat on Papa's rib, chest and upper arm. Papa awakened a little and gave Juan Or a pat on his head and went back to sleep. Zzzzzzzz...........what a Papaboy!

Later on, Juan Or indicated that he wanted to suckle again. So Mommy cradled him in the arms to breastfeed him. Just before starting to suckle, Juan Or paused and looked at Mommy with a smile and then smiled again. How sweet! Mommy will never forget your loving smile. Mommy loves you, Juan Or!

After suckling, Juan Or struggled a little and Mommy quickly put him back to his mattress. Juan Or immediately zzzzzz........

Mommy quietly climbed to the bed, lay next to Papa and zzzzz........

It was 4.00 am.

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