Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Scholastic Book Fair in Midvalley Megamall

On 5th December 2008, Mommy and Daddy took leave from work to go for outing. Unfortunately, Juan Or had to stay with the babysitter because this outing was for long hours and Juan Or can't stand long outings. On that day, Papa and Mommy went to Midvalley Megamall because Mommy wanted to go to the Scholastic Book Fair located at North Court, highest floor. Several days ago, Mommy saw this book fair's advertisement in the local newspaper stating value buy from as low as RM1.

Along the way, Papa and Mommy stopped by the many Christmas deco spots in Midvalley Megamall. Unfortunately, Papa forgot to bring his proper camera, so had to make do with Mommy's handphone camera. Here are the results:

Mommy has no idea why this time the photos can be rotated in Mommy's computer file but remains unrotated when uploaded here :-( Mommy is at wit's end over how to solve this problem!

Mommy also got this advertorial Christmas story book for Juan Or. This colourful story book can be obtained free from Midvalley's leaflet booth near the BreadTalk choo-choo-train. The notable thing about this story book lies in how the advertisements of the sponsors are all weaved together to form a coherent story. It is the story of how a pair of siblings were brought by a clown who was asking for direction to go set up a Christmas carnival. So it was at the carnival setting where the advertorial elements were inserted. And finally the story ends with the siblings waking up from sleep feeling like the carnival was real and yet was a dream.

Finally, Papa and Mommy reached the Scholastic Book Fair. The booth was not very big. The books sold were all children books. Price-wise? Some were very cheap, some were OK price, but some not so. So, these are the books Mommy bought for Juan Or:

(Each book costs only RM1! Cheap and good!)

(The book on the left costs RM2 and the right RM3.)

(The book which was on the left is now bottom and vice-versa.)

(Each book costs RM3.)

(Cubix is now at the top and Dinofours at the bottom. See! Nice and colourful illustration for only RM3 per book!)

All in all, Mommy spent RM14 for all seven books. After paying, Mommy was entitled to a lucky draw and Mommy picked a Scholastic 2009 table calendar.

So much so for the good buy, but the anticlimax? Papa got impatient already even though Mommy only spent 15 to 20 minutes at the booth!

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