Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What is This Thing Called "Free Time"?

Mommy was browsing through the Huggies Baby Network website (for the link, please see right hand panel and scroll down to Pregnancy and Parenting Websites and Resources) and stumbled on a webpage that features the Huggies monthly poll. This month's poll question goes like this:

When you need a break, what comes closest to your favorite way to spend some free time?

and the option answers go like this:

  • Hanging out with a good book
  • Visiting with friends
  • Something physical: biking, hiking, etc
  • Catching up on a hobby
  • Um, what is this thing you call "free time"?

Mommy thought for a while. For all the first four option answers, Mommy had not been doing them at all ever since Juan Or was born. Probably the only 'good book' that Mommy hanged out with was "reading theses", but heck that was WORK! "Sleep" seems the most appropriate answer but there's no option for that. So Mommy thought probably "sleep" doesn't count as free time here....probably "sleep" is a necessity and NOT "free time". So Mommy decided to check the last answer and click "Vote". And guess what? Out of 53 respondents so far, the majority vote (58%) goes to Um, what is this thing you call "free time"?

Hmmmm.....looks like Mommy is not alone after all.......


Afhm said...

Hahaha you are right.. It's funny when I read it.. You really make me laugh! Take care dear. Send my hug and kisses to Juan Or..

Alice Phua said...

Oh yes, I will tell Juan Or that Aunty Aida sends her hugs and kisses to him! :-)