Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Teasing Mommy

Juan Or's sense of humour seems to be in teasing Mommy. Whenever Juan Or touches something forbidden, Mommy will be going,"Eeiii! eeiii! Cannot! Cannot touch!" Just yesterday evening, after Mommy took Juan Or back from the babysitter's house, Mommy allowed Juan Or to 'drive' the car, i.e., putting Juan Or to play with the car steering (with engine off, of course!). As a safety measure, Mommy made sure the car doors were locked, just in case Juan Or pulled the car door lever and ended up falling out of the car. Then as usual, Juan Or's itchy hands would go pulling at the car door lever. Although the car doors were locked, however, Mommy didn't want Juan Or to get into the habit of playing with the car door lever. So Mommy went 'Eeiii! eeiii! Cannot! Cannot touch!' whenever Juan Or pulled at it. On seeing Mommy going 'frantic' about the lever, Juan Or would start laughing heartily and in a mischievous manner. Then he would go teasing Mommy again by pretending to pull at the lever and just before pulling, he would laugh out loud! What a cute and mischievous baby, yet so lovable! Here are a series of consecutive snapshots showing Juan Or 'driving', playing with the signal light lever and laughing out loud for teasing Mommy:

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Serline said...

We have to think of something to entertain them everyday so not to make them feel bored. So I usually sing and sing to Narelle while preparing dinner and taking a quick shower together with her...so afraid they may start to cry.