Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Trip to Seremban that Ended Up With Lots of Tears and Finally ZZZZZ.....

On 7th June 2009, Papa, Mommy, Juan Or and the rest of the family went down to Seremban attend a relative's wedding lunch. However, Papa, Mommy and Juan Or started the journey first in one car. Papa used the old road to drive to Seremban because the old road has more scenaries for Juan Or to see, plus no toll to pay! Everything was fine, Juan Or was calm and attentive but off and on keeping his hands busy playing with whatever objects he can reach.

Upon reaching Mantin, the ordeal started, but of course at that time, Mommy didn't know it was an ordeal yet ( because Mommy still had some hope that Juan Or can be pacified) . Juan Or started fretting. Then the fretting progressed to crying. Mommy tried all sorts of things to pacify him - giving him a drink on the sippy cup, variable toys to play with, variable small objects to hold on to, singing his favourite song, offering him the breast to suckle on (but he refused!), giving him his security towel - but to no avail! The incessant crying continued even upon arrival in Seremban. Papa droved to the relative's house (in Seremban) where all family members meet before going to the restaurant. Juan Or was still crying. Finally, Papa and Mommy decided that we should turn-tail and go back to Kuala Lumpur. So we headed back home via the KL-Seremban Highway instead.

Mommy suspected Juan Or wanted to sleep. But the problem was that Juan Or refused to relax and fall asleep in Mommy's arms. Before this (except for one similar incident when he was 4 months old), Juan Or was able to sleep in Mommy's arms as the car moved. Unfortunately, on this very day - the day when Papa and Mommy could get to eat good food in the restaurant - Juan Or chose to cry out loud and not fall asleep in Mommy's arms.

Juan Or continued crying for about one hour. Juan Or only stopped crying when he finally dozed off in Mommy's arms. And that was when we almost reached Kuala Lumpur (still at the UPM stretch of KL-Seremban Highway). Then Papa stopped over at Endah Parade's McDonald's to buy lunch. Mommy managed to snap some photos of sleepy Juan Or while in the car waiting for Papa to buy lunch.

(Juan Or sleeping with the mouth wide open, "OOooooooo........")

(Juan Or finally changed his sleeping position.)

(Sleepy B)

(Waiting for Papa.)

(Still waiting for Papa.)

Finally when we reached home, Mommy transferred Juan Or into the spring cot and he still remained asleep. Hhmmm.....Juan Or must be very, very tired, and made even more tired by the long and loud incessant crying.

Later on when it was near 5 pm, the rest of the family members reached home. Father-in-law told Papa and Mommy what dishes were served in the wedding lunch - clams, big prawns, steamed pomfret, shark fin soup among others and the dishes were in big portions. All Mommy could do was just shrug the shoulders, looked at Papa and said,"We missed the good food because the 'B' just couldn't stop crying."

Later on in the evening, Mother-in-law decided not to cook dinner because all the others were still feeling full. Papa didn't feel like eating dinner too although he only had McDonald's. So Father-in-law and Papa went out to buy economy rice as dinner for Mommy and Grandmother-in-law (Juan Or's Great-grandmother). For Mommy, Papa took rice, sambal sotong, sambal petai and ikan bilis, stir-fried kangkung and 2 pieces of sweet and sour big-headed prawns. Mommy asked Papa how much did that cost. Papa said,"RM9." So Mommy asked why Papa had to take such expensive selection to which Papa answered,"Because you missed good food in the restaurant, remember? So I chose all those expensive items for you!" How sweet.


Mrs Kam said...

Yes, your husband was very thoughtful. So Juan Or was just pure tired during the car ride?

Alice Phua said...

Yes, looks like Juan Or was just pure tired.

mNhL said...

Aaawww....poor baby. He must have cried till real tired, then fell asleep.