Monday, June 15, 2009

Drinking Like a Big Boy!

Whenever Juan Or sees any family member drinking from the cup, he is sure to want as well. He will point at the cup and make one kind of sound to tell you that he wants to drink from your cup as well. You name it - whatever drink it is - tea, milk tea, coffee, milk coffee, refrigerated chocolate milk, Mommy's Dutch Lady full cream milk, Chinese tea - he will want to try it. Take for example, everyday, Juan Or's Papa drinks apple vinegar mixed with honey - of course the taste is very sour - Juan Or will sip it, then showed one kind of look, grinned and then take another sip (even though it's sour!). Haha, probably Juan Or wants to show everyone that he's a big boy already! And that big boys drink from cups! After Juan Or is satisfied with drinking it, he will end his drinking session with an 'Aaah...' sound! Cute baby!


("Oooohhh....just can't have enough of it!")

(" I'm satisfied! And am a big boy already!")


Maxi said...

hihi. he is so cute! i wish to have a baby in three or four years time! that would be great!

anyway, just want to send some hugs to you and your cute baby!

by the way, can we exchange links? will appreciate it a lot!

Alice Phua said...

Hi Maxi, nice to hear from you again! Thanks for the hugs. I'll tell Juan Or that Aunty Maxi send her hugs to him!

Having a baby has brought me lots of joy and happiness, although I must admit there are also 'hiccups' (e.g. insufficient sleep, conflict with elders about how to bring up a baby, etc.) along the way. But all in all, there are more joy and happiness than hiccups. So enjoy your 3-4 years' time of no-baby-period because having a baby is going to turn your life 360 degrees.

Sure, let's exchange links!