Thursday, June 11, 2009

Splitter! Splatter!

Mommy finally got the opportunity to capture Juan Or on video doing his splittering and splattering saliva act. Usually, when Juan Or does that, Mommy is not ready with the handphone video camera. And by the time Mommy is ready, Juan Or is already done and over with it. This time, Mommy managed to take out the handphone in time and therefore what you see in the video below is the last part (sadly!) of Juan Or's splitter-splatter act.


rahma said...

owhhhh... cute.... heheheee
am back with lots and lots smile for you... ^0^
btw, am doing research on seaweed, if thats what you asked... heeee

Alice Phua said...

Thanks a lot, Rahma!

Oh, seaweed...interesting.