Sunday, May 27, 2012

DIY "Raincoat"

Brushing Juan Or's teeth has always been a get-wet affair. Why? Simply because Juan Or always refused to bend his upper body forward whenever he rinses his mouth. Then he would end up having a wet patch on the chest part of his T-shirt and sometimes even at the groin area! Otherwise, when Mommy brushes his teeth for him, he would initially bend forward, but later forgets and gradually has his body straighten up again. And there you go, the toothpaste would go drip, drip, drip!

Because Mommy was so fed up of having to change his clothes after every teeth-brushing session (which adds to having more laundry to wash too!), Mommy decided that enough is enough! Here's how.....

First, get a huge plastic bag. It doesn't matter whether the plastic bag has handles or not.

Make a curved cut at the centre end of the plastic bag (the end that is opposite to the handles). The hole created will be the neck-hole.

Cut open both sides of the plastic bag. This will serve as opening for the arms to pass through and also ease putting the "raincoat" over your child. Alternatively, you can merely cut two holes, one at each side of the plastic bag to be the arm holes, but putting the "raincoat" on will then require a bit more effort.

To give a neater look, you may trim away the handles of the plastic bag. Otherwise if your plastic bag has no handles to begin with, just ignore this step.

The "raincoat" is now ready to be worn over your child.

Of course you will find the neck hole to be loose and water may seep through during the teeth-brushing process. To fix this problem? Simple, just use a clothes peg to gather and fasten the loose neck hole, thus leaving no gap for water to seep through.

There you have it, no more spills!

Can even afford to have toothpaste dripping all over the chest now!

No more wet clothes after brushing teeth!

And most of all, "dry clothes" equals to "happy Mommy"! ^_^


Alice Law said...

Very innovative, the colour looks great on Juan Or!

Alice Phua said...

Alice Law, thanks!

cheeyee said...

Wah such big plastic bag! Anyway very good idea. :)

Alice Phua said...

Cheeyee, hehehe....actually I got the big plastic bag when buying toys from the Litt Tak Warehouse sale. Alternatively is to use the big black rubbish plastic bag and trim the length of the plastic bag according to your child's height.

Yan said...

Like your DIY raincoat. Such a good idea that you shared here. hahaha!

Cindyrina (The Princess) said...

awesome idea!!! the cute!!!

mike nefff said...

It was very interesting, thoughtful and hilarious. I appreciate your son's obedience to wear that for brushing the teeth. The plastic cover which you have designed ressembles like a rain coat.