Monday, March 23, 2009

Toys for Juan Or at Litt Tak Warehouse Sale

In the most recent Litt Tak Toy Warehouse Sale (13th-15th March 2009) at Desa Tun Razak Industrial Area of Cheras (somewhere near Puspakom and behind Giant Taman Connought), Mommy found a number of infant toys selling at very cheap and attractive prices. Just in case you don't know about this, Litt Tak is a toy importer and distributor for these brands of toys: Bandai, Gundam, Takara Tomy, Thomas and Friends, Power Rangers, Disney, Hello Kitty and a host of other brands (can't remember) and Made-in-China toys.

Mommy reached there the moment the sale opens at 9 am on the first day of the sale. These are the results:

1. Winnie the Pooh and Friends Mobile Hanglet

This is a soft toy hanglet thingy and there was only one unit left when Mommy saw it. Rattles are embedded into the bodies of Tigger and Piglet whereas a squeezy sounding thingy is embedded into the Pooh's body. The hanglet is hung via velcro strap. The brand is Playgro (Australia). Price? RM2 only! Very cheap and worth buying!

(Three plush toys in a hanglet, all for only RM2! What a bargain!)

(Juan Or playing with the hanglet which is attached to the frame of the spring cot via velcro strap.)

2. Winnie the Pooh Security Blanket

This blanket is made of fleece material and has nice satin cloth wrapping the fleece at the border. There's also the Winnie the Pooh head sticking out of the blanket which acts as a rattle - makes sound when you shake the Pooh head. The blanket is packed in a box with a see-through cover and the box has many cellophane tape marks on it. Price? RM5 only. Very cheap and good! Mommy also bought one piece for Ms. Stephenie's baby as a token of appreciation for giving Juan Or the Similac infant milk powder.

(Full layout of the Winnie the Pooh Security Blanket.)

(A closer view of the Pooh head which has a rattle embedded in it.)

(Juan Or sleeping with his Pooh security blanket.)

3. Teether cum Rattle

Only two designs were available: Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh. However, the Mickey Mouse only had two units left whereas the Pooh was in abundance. Mommy grabbed both the Mickey Mouses (where one is for Juan Or and another for Ms. Stephenie's baby) and one piece of the Pooh. The teether part is actually the handle at the sideways of the rattle, though the teether is not as soft as those proper type of teether. The Disney figurines, however, are made of hard plastic, so is not meant to be the teether part. Price? RM1 per rattle! Very cheap and good for Disney toys!

(Each costs only RM1!)

4. Winnie the Pooh Plush Toy cum Rattle

There was only one unit available and Mommy quickly grabbed it. Brand is Playgro (Australia). Price? RM2 only! Also very cheap and good!

(A close-up view of the Pooh plush toy cum rattle.)

(Juan Or enjoying his Pooh toy.)

(Another photo of Juan Or playing with his Pooh toy.)

5. Wiggling Eeyore, Tigger and Piglet

These are plush toys with strings attached where you pull out the string and the toy will wiggle until the pulled out string fully goes back into the toy. The size of the animals are also quite small. Price? RM2 each, not very cheap compared to the other RM2 toys that Mommy bought, but can-lah....for variety and fun. However, Winnie the Pooh cannot be found. By the way, the brand is Playgro (Australia).

(Wiggling toys, each at RM2.)

6. Soft Rattles of Eeyore, Tigger and Piglet

These are rattles that also serve as plush toys. Winnie the Pooh, again, was not available. Price? RM2 each! Very cheap and good! Mommy saw a baby stock clearance sale in Leisure Mall Cheras selling similar types of soft rattles (but not Disney characters) for RM6.90 each. So what Mommy got here in Litt Tak is really, really good buy! The brand is also Playgro (Australia).

(Each priced at only RM2! Cheap and good!)

7. Multiple Texture Plush Toy

This plush toy has many protrusions and projections and different parts of it are made of different cloth materials to serve as a variety of textures for babies to touch or rub their fingers on. It even as a short, thick string with a knot tied at the end, hanging down the toy - again it's for babies to rub their fingers on it. Even Mommy likes to rub fingers against the knot! The brand is Takara Tomy and price? RM2 only. Cheap and good!

(Still in the packaging.)

(Front view)

(Back view)

8. Mickey Mouse Stacking Cups Toy

There's only one unit of Mickey Mouse left (Mommy quickly grabbed it!) and the rest are Winnie the Pooh. Price? RM10. Mommy's not very sure whether it's really cheap or not, but should be cheap-lah, considering it's Disney type of toys.

(Mickey Mouse stacking cup toy)

9. Gun with Felt Bullets

Mommy saw this toy together with the Pooh plush toys and rattles that Mommy mentioned just now. Price? RM2. This toy is meant for Juan Or to play when he is much bigger and older.

(Gun with felt bullets for only RM10.)

10. Robot Transformable Train

Mommy bought this, again, in view of Juan Or reaching a much older age. The brand is Takara Tomy and costs RM5. Obviously, Mommy doesn't know whether there's any "Hikarian Railroad" cartoon on the TV screen or not, but anyway, just buy-lah since it's selling for a cheap price!

(Still in the packaging)

(The two parts join together to form a train.)

(The two parts detached and opened up.)

(A closer view of the robot portion.)

All in all, Mommy spent only RM48 for all these toys! Good bargain! Ooohhh, Mommy loves buying things at a bargain! By the way, this time, Litt Tak stocked up a lot of Thomas and Friends sets at a reasonably cheap price (compared to Jusco), but not as cheap as a mere RM10 or so. These sets cost RM45, RM55, RM60, RM70, RM80, RM150 up to RM300 in the Litt Tak sale. But this time, Mommy is not giving in to the temptation of buying Thomas and Friends because Mommy already bought a Thomas and Friends Starter Set (RM55) for Juan Or in the previous Litt Tak sale in December 2008.

How about the crowd and the queue? The answer is good - no crowd and the queue at most is only 3 to 5 customers long (so much unlike Mattel Warehouse Sale with its horrendous crowd and queue)! However, the place is quite crammed with toys with only small passageways for people to walk and browse the toys. Mommy reckons that probably because Litt Tak sounds chinaman, so most people think they can't find good toys there. Anyway, Mommy doesn't care about Fischer-Price toys (found in Mattel Warehouse Sale). The hell with Fischer-Price toys! It's not worth it to go brave against the wave of horrendous crowd just to grab Fischer-Price toys (which are not that cheap also in the warehouse sale) and then queue for something like 3 hours just to pay for the toys!

By the way, just a sidetrack, although Mommy knows that this is none of Mommy's business, but Mommy can't help mentioning what Mommy observed at Litt Tak. When Mommy was done with the purchases and walked out from the building, Mommy noticed that there were no more Winnie the Pooh Security Blanket left (the blanket was placed just outside the building entrance). Mommy clearly remembered that after choosing the Pooh blankets (Mommy bought two pieces of it, remember?), there were three more left. Now it looked like all were sold out. But on a closer look, Mommy saw one empty blanket box and the see-through cover already detached from the box and the blanket was gone! What do you think happened? Go figure out yourself!


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