Monday, March 2, 2009

Juan Or's Handphone

Shown here is the top of the altar table - the place where all family members put their handphones or reminder notes that require urgent attention. Where handphones are concerned, from left to right, are Grandpa's, followed by Juan Or's and finally the last two on the far right are Jidek's (Second Uncle) where one is personal handphone and the other being company's handphone. Mommy's handphone was nowhere to be seen because Mommy was using hers to capture these photos. What!? Did Mommy just mention Juan Or's handphone!? Well...yes, indeed, the red colour handphone is Juan Or's handphone. What's a baby to do with owning a handphone at that young an age!?

OK, let's take a closer look.....

This is Juan Or's handphone - the one with the solid, non-reflective screen with the Ultraman picture on it. For ringtones, just press any of the buttons. The ringtones will appear in a certain order no matter which order of buttons you press. To make or listen to a phone call, just put the handphone to your ear and pretend you are making or listening to a call......

Anyway, his paternal Grandma bought this handphone for Juan Or to play.

Watch how Juan Or briefly 'danced' to the beat of the ringtone music!

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