Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Juan Or in Cute Baby Overall Onesie

This early morning, Mommy felt a bit cold. Considering that Mommy's body has always been feeling hot (and most of the time sweaty!) ever since giving birth to Juan Or, so Mommy reckoned that anybody who have not gone through any major bodily changes must be feeling even colder - and that Juan Or is no exception. So Mommy changed Juan Or's T-shirt (Juan Or had no shorts on, only diapers) into a new overall onesie (size: 9 months) which Mommy bought long before Juan Or was born. This onesie was bought for only RM7.90 from Tesco Extra Cheras during one of those baby promotion. The cloth is of good quality, 100% cotton, though on the thick side, is collared, and has a cute football-cum-sports design that says,"No. 1 Player". Here is a grinning Juan Or posing in his new overall onesie (carried by his Jidek, the Second Uncle).

Watch out! He's going for Mommy's handphone camera!

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