Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The 'B' Credit Card

Last week, Mommy received the new You:nique credit card by Alliance Bank. Actually, Mommy already has an existing Alliance credit card which Mommy applied when Mommy first started working. But now, applying for this You:nique credit card is just an extra thing for Mommy not for the extra credit facility, but rather for its personalizing feature. So what's in Mommy's mind is nothing more than to be able to add Juan Or's photo into Mommy's credit card! The only comment Mommy has about this personalizing thing is that when you insert the photo (through the website) and do whatever necessary alterations, it looks nice on the preview, but when the real photo credit card appears, it doesn't look as nice anymore. In this case, Juan Or's photo appears to be stretched too much to the sideways such that his head looks rather like alien baby!
And the colour of his lips is too red like having the lipstick on!
So for those who are interested to add their favourite picture onto the credit card, here's your chance to do it for free until 31st March 2009 only. After this deadline, you'll be charged RM38 for personalizing your credit card. Also, in this card, you can choose to either have rebates option (rebates in tiers: 0.50% for monthly spending of RM0-500, 0.70% for RM501-1350, 0.90% for RM1351-2550, and 2.00% for RM2551-5000, and anything more than RM5000 will have no rebates at all) or flat finance charge rate (9% p.a.) or 2X rewards points. Of course, Mommy goes for the rebates option (Mommy likes things to be discounted!) and you still get to earn reward points (1 point for every RM1 spent) unlike the Petronas-CIMB credit card where you no longer earn reward points for getting 2% rebate when pumping petrol.

Anyway, Mommy has plans to cancel the previous Alliance credit card because the only feature it has is earning 1 point for every RM1 spent (all other credit cards from other banks also have this feature, right?). No point carrying so many credit cards in the purse!

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