Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Born in Selangor? Then RM1500 Could be in Your Baby's Hands!

Mommy saw this news in The Star newspaper dated 22nd March 2009. What interests Mommy is the possibility of Juan Or receiving RM1500 from the Selangor state government when he reaches 18 years old.

Then, Mommy wanted to know more information as to whether Juan Or qualifies to apply or not considering that the news says "born in Selangor" whereas Juan Or is born in Kuala Lumpur. So Mommy went into Google search engine and typed "Selangor Born Heritage Fund" and checked for websites in Malaysia. No result. Mommy then went on to type "Kumpulan Semesta" and there is result, but there seems to be no link to Selangor Born Heritage Fund. So Mommy searched for the 'Contact Us' link in Kumpulan Semesta's website and wrote an enquiry email. Sure enough, the reply came in the afternoon with a link to Tabung Warisan Anak Selangor (TAWAS). Mommy read on the procedures and requirements of the applicants and found these below.

  • Child must be born in Selangor or outside of Selangor from 1st January 2008 onwards; AND
  • Child must be a Malaysian citizen; AND
  • The father or mother of the child must be Selangor-born OR born in Kuala Lumpur before 1st February 1974.


  • Child is born in Selangor from 1st January 2008 onwards; AND
  • Child must be a Malaysian citizen; AND
  • The father or mother of the child is not Selangor-born but has been staying legally in Selangor for at least 10 years (you will need to get your Dewan Undangan Negeri Service Centre to certify this).


Must include a photostated copy of the following documents (no need to certify true copy):

  • The child's birth certificate and MyKid
  • Both parents or guardians' identity cards

The place of registration is:

Pusat Pendaftaran (Projek TAWAS)

Tabung Warisan Anak Selangor (TAWAS)

Tingkat (LG), Bangunan Darul Ehsan

No. 3, Jalan Indah, Seksyen 14

40000 Shah Alam

Selangor Darul Ehsan

So Mommy called up the TAWAS office and found these extra information:

  • For those born in 2008, all applications received after 31st March 2009 will not be considered.
  • Applications through the post are also accepted.
  • Internet-download forms are also acceptable. Submit in only one copy (although the foot note of the form says about white, blue and yellow colour forms).
  • When your application is approved, TAWAS will issue a certificate which you will use later to claim the RM1500 when your child is 18 years old. You can either come to the TAWAS office to claim the certificate or TAWAS will send you a letter to tell you which Ambank branch to collect the cert from.
  • This fund has been in existence since the previous Selangor state government's time (i.e., Barisan Nasional, BN), so don't worry about this fund being non-existent even if the current Selangor state government (Parti Keadilan Rakyat, PKR) is no longer there by the time your child reaches 18 years old! By the way, previously, BN charged a RM10 processing fee, but now it's free under the PKR! Yay!

So, what now? Mommy has to hurry up then! The application form can be downloaded here.

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