Sunday, March 1, 2009

Learning to Stand on Own Two Feet

Mommy was watching over Juan Or as Juan Or was playing by a metal foldable chair. Then from his seated position on the floor, Juan Or raised his arms and held the part of the chair where people sit on. Slowly and steadily, he lifted his body up while the arms were still holding onto the chair. Mommy put her hands nearby to hold him just in case he flopped back onto the floor. Anyway, Juan Or didn't flop at all and finally, he was totally standing on his own two feet! Of course his hands were still holding onto the chair for support. The only thing about his act of standing is his habit to stand on tip toes rather than on the soles of his feet. Hhmmmm.....this habit must be caused by him using the baby walker where he needs to tip-toe in order to move himself forward.

As Juan Or was still standing, he kept on glancing to his right where his paternal Grandpa was sitting and reading the newspaper. And when his Grandpa looked back at him, he would smile (or rather grin!) with delight. His smile would become even wider when his Grandpa praised him for being able to stand. little Juan Or loved people to praise him and acknowledge his feats. Anyway, all babies are like that...praises make babies feel good and confident of themselves.

Next, Mommy will be waiting for the day Juan Or walks while shifting his hold from furniture to furniture for support.

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