Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mamil Mama Gold Club Membership - Free!

In early March 2009, Mommy visited the websites of all milk powder companies in Malaysia to see whether there's any link that allows Mommy to request for free samples of infant milk powder. At that time, Mommy seriously needed to start supplementing infant milk formula to Mommy's breastmilk because recently, Juan Or has been constantly comsuming more breastmilk than what Mommy could produce. And obviously, Mommy doesn't know which brand will have a more acceptable taste to Juan Or considering that Juan Or rejected drinking Lactogen (Nestle) when he was one month plus old. Finally, in the end, after much surfing, there appeared to be no links to request for free sample. So Mommy decided to click the "Contact Us" link, type in the request and leave Mommy's contact details.

The next day, Mommy got a reply from Danone Dumex saying that it is the Malaysian government's Ministry Of Health regulation that milk companies are not allowed to supply free samples of milk for babies under 1 year old. Then Dumex offered Mommy a free membership to join their Mamil Mama Gold Club merely by leaving down some personal particulars and the brand(s) of milk that the child is drinking. So Mommy took the offer.
Just last week Thursday, Mommy received in the mail (via Pos Laju) a cover letter welcoming Mommy to the club, a 'Nurture & You' magazine and a cute plush dolphin toy wearing a jacket. Wow! Mommy loves toys! Here's what the package looks like:

(The whole package)

(A closer view of the plush dolphin toy. The dolphin is wearing a jacket and the fur feels very soft!)

(The dolphin is hugging a heart-shaped cushion with Dumex's careline number printed on it so that you are less likely to lose their contact number for future communications!)

Upon checking the Danone Dumex website, Mommy found that apparently you can also register for membership online, but only for Malaysia and Brunei residents only. No proof of purchase is required, unlike Abbot Laboratories' (1 scoop) and Wyeth's (3 scoops) mummy clubs. And the cute plush dolphin toy is while stocks last only! So hurry!

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