Monday, March 29, 2010

Sleepy Episode

Yesterday, after dropping by at our new house, Papa wanted to go window shopping at IOI Mall, Puchong. By the time we reached IOI Mall, it was already something like between 2.30 to 3.00pm and a very hot sunny afternoon as well. When we were still in the car (almost reaching IOI Mall), Juan Or already looked quiet - a sign that he's sleepy (he last woke up at near 10am). After getting out from the car, Juan Or appeared to be revitalized, probably because he was excited to see all things associated with kai-kai (outing).

With Juan Or sitting in the shopping cart, we went up high and went down low in the shopping mall. Finally, we decided to make a quick stop at IOI's Jusco (the Jusco sale is on!) before leaving the mall. By then, it was already 4+ pm. It was at Jusco's electrical goods department when Mommy spotted Juan Or like this:

(With tiny hands holding on to the shopping cart's railing, Juan Or's head dangled forward and sideways like floating in air.)

On seeing this, we decided to go back home immediately. Papa picked Juan Or up and out of the shopping cart and carried him with his face resting on Papa's shoulder. Mommy followed from behind and managed to capture this:

(Eyelids too heavy - already dozed off at Papa's shoulder!)

The conclusion from this sleepy episode is that Juan Or has 'grown up' already. In the past, whenever we go for outings and that if it happened that Juan Or felt sleepy and we were not in a moving car, Juan Or would end up crying non-stop. With this sleepy episode, looks like Juan Or is able to settle himself to sleep anywhere (hopefully not just this time, but next time as well!) minus the fretting and crying.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Premature Ageing?

Yesterday night, after Mommy came back from teaching piano, Juan Or came to greet Mommy. Mommy spotted this red pimple dot on his face (at the nose).

What!? A pimple on the face!? Juan Or is becoming a teenager already!? Hahaha, Papa and Mommy laughed off the silly idea when here he is - acting like a baby!

Anyway, by Sunday night, the pimple is almost gone, without putting any ointment. Glad that his baby-smooth skin is back! ^ ^

Friday, March 26, 2010

Learning to Wear Japanese-styled Rubber Slippers

Long time ago, when Mommy was just one to two months before giving birth to Juan Or, Mommy saw Tesco sold a pair of Japanese-styled rubber slippers for only RM1.90 or RM1.50 (can't remember). That price was very cheap so Mommy bought it as preparation for Juan Or's toddlerhood.

After sitting in storage for slightly less than two years, finally Mommy decided to take it out to try on Juan Or. Turned out, his feet are just the right size for the slippers! Had Mommy taken it out later, Juan Or's feet would have overgrown the slippers.

The first time Mommy wore the slippers on Juan Or, he didn't quite know how to control his feet in such a way that when he walks, the slippers won't slip out. Everytime Mommy fitted the slippers onto his tiny feet, the slippers slipped out immediately when he started walking! Then few weeks later, Mommy happened to see this cute pair of blue hippopotamus plush indoor slippers sold in The Store Sri Petaling for RM5 only (it was Baby Fair and is still on now). Mommy just can't resist buying it since it's so cute and cheap. This hippo indoor slipper has garters at the heel to help secure little feet in the slippers. Turned out, walking on the hippo slippers was good practice for Juan Or to walk with the Japanese-styled rubber slippers!
The cute pair of plush hippopotamus indoor slippers for RM5 only! Mommy had wanted to take a video of Juan Or wearing this but was always unsuccessful because either the handphone was not conveniently around or by the time the handphone was ready, Juan Or refused to wear it!

So the following weekend, when Papa and Mommy brought Juan Or to visit our new house (where the Japanese-styled rubber slippers are put), Juan Or don't seem to have anymore problem walking with the Japanese slippers. The slippers don't slip out easily from his little feet anymore unless he is lifting his leg high to cross a barrier, like this video:

But then, if Juan Or is to put on the slippers himself, then that can be quite a problem. ^ ^

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Updates of Juan Or's Development

Shortly after Chinese New Year 2010 (i.e., Juan Or at 1 year 9-10 months old), Mommy noticed Juan Or was already able to 'sing' in his own way. Whenever Mommy sang up to the last word of a line or phrase of a nursery rhyme, Juan Or is able to anticipate the word and 'sing' it together with Mommy. However, Juan Or is only able to do this for 3 nursery rhymes (Twinkle, twinkle little star, Baa baa black sheep, and ABC Song) because Mommy sang these 3 songs the most when rocking him in the spring cot or when settling him down to sleep in the car.

Before Mommy took out the handphone camera, Juan Or was 'singing' happily with Mommy, but after taking it out, Juan Or became conscious and stopped 'singing'. That's why the first two songs that Mommy sang, Juan Or did not sing, but by the time Mommy sang the third one (with coaxing), then he started 'singing' along.

Other developments of Juan Or that Mommy noticed and remembered (not all appeared at the same time, some appeared long before this time of writing):

  • count from 1 to 10, but can't pronounce 'seven', instead when he counts up to six, he will skip seven and go straight to eight and then continue counting.
  • able to recognize and pronounce about 80% of the full sets of alphabets regardless of whether they are in capital or small letters. His most popular alphabet is 'A'.
  • able to mimick people's actions (e.g. mimick his Papa kicking the leg high up in the air, mimick his Great-Grandmother's way of walking).
  • able to understand and follow instructions such as asking him to throw a rubbish into the waste paper basket, or take a roll of tissue paper for Mommy.
  • Juan Or's tongue is getting more versatile already as in being able to repeat words after Mommy when asked to. He has no problems with pronouncing one-syllable words, but when it comes to 2-syllable words, the pronunciation may or may not be accurate. But if it's 3-syllable words, then he's likely to pronounce just the last syllable or merely say something gibberish!
  • able to point out body parts of his own body, other people's body, animal plush toys' body and also animal or human illustration in books.
  • able to show a remorseful face when scolded by Papa or Mommy, but when 'scolded' by grandparents or the Second Uncle, no facial reaction! ^ ^
  • willingly (and gladly) show how an action is done if Mommy asks him how to 'walk', 'run', 'hop/jump', 'wash hands', 'smell', 'fall', 'eat', 'sleep', etc.
  • calls out a name of a particular object, but also used the same name to call other related objects, e.g., he tends to call all insects that crawl as 'ant' although he knows the word 'cockroach'.
  • able to point out most objects correctly in book illustrations when asked to.
  • able to look for 'protection' from other parties when scolded or reprimanded by one party.
  • love to 'read' books by flipping the pages and also initiates reading by sitting himself in between your legs.
  • indicate his material desire by showing a picture of the thing that he wants (e.g. Thomas and Friends toy, wanting to go to the waterfall again), pointing at it and then nodding his head repeatedly as he says "Ai, ai, ai" (Want, want, want).
  • hold a pencil or pen properly in both hands, but Mommy noticed he seems to hold it more properly with his left hand, so he may turn out to be a left-hander like Mommy.
  • able to combine two words to express himself but tends to use multiple languages e.g., ai toys (want toys), ai kai-kai (want to go for outing), ai close (want to close), ai sit (want to sit), ho chiak (tastes good), ai bung (want to be carried).
  • has lesser tendency to put things into the mouth, but once a while, he still puts them into his mouth!
  • able to use spoon to scoop food into his mouth
  • able to drink from cups (with or without handles) and bowls
  • able to pour small objects accurately from one container to another, but sometimes didn't aim accurately
  • more or less knows which wire should go into which hole when Mommy sets up the laptop.
  • has desire to look into your handphone or videocam or digital camera screen after you have taken his video or photo.
  • able to blow raspberries, but loves to bite people for fun!
  • starting to show progress in being able to fall asleep on his own without any rocking or singing.
  • move other objects in position so that he can step on it and climb to higher level.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Watching "Nanny 911"

For the past few Mondays, Mommy had been watching "Nanny 911" on NTV7 at 8.31 pm. But Mommy made sure that Juan Or watches the show together with Mommy (*smiles*). Reason? Because Juan Or seems to understand and 'benefit' from what he's watching!

What is this "Nanny 911" show all about? Well, this is a reality show about how each week, a problem family (note the general trends: very naughty and disobedient children causing havoc in the household, parents not being able to control their children's behaviour, both husband and wife are not in-sync where parenting/household rules are concerned) will be featured and a nanny will be chosen (from a team of 15 world-class nannies) to solve that family's problem within 1 week. The interesting part of the show is to watch how the assigned nanny (usually clad in Sherlock Holmes-kind-of-suit, but minus the magnifying glass!) handles the dynamics of interaction between each family member and how she empowers the weaker parent to play their parenting roles more effectively. (You can watch a sample of "Nanny 911" here.)

Now back to why Mommy watches this show with Juan Or. First, Mommy gets to learn a thing or two about getting children's discipline in shape and reinforces Mommy's conviction that adults within a household must be consistent in their parenting/household policies (which is rather lacking in the in-law's house with Papa and Mommy on one side, and the grandparents on the other side), otherwise children will look for loop holes to get things their way. Another thing is that whenever the show shows naughty children scattering their toys everywhere, climbing up and down dangerously, screaming and beating each other without any reservation, Mommy will point out to Juan Or and then say,"Juan Or, you see the children? Naughty or not!?" And then when the nanny got the children to clean up their mess (such as scattered toys), Mommy will again point it out to Juan Or and insist that Juan Or should clear his toys too immediately after the show! And indeed, Juan Or obediently cleared his toys!

Here are snapshots of Papa and Mommy's bedroom from different angles when Juan Or caused chaos:

Juan Or lying in his heap of mess on the floor.

And this was after Juan Or had cleared his toys after Mommy insisted that he should do the same after watching "Nanny 911"!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Domestic Accident

Last night, Juan Or met with a domestic accident that left him with bruises on and near his lips.

This was what transpired that night as told by Papa. Mommy was downstairs taking a bath while Papa was upstairs watching television in the bedroom. Juan Or was in the same room with Papa and playing by himself. Juan Or stepped onto his kiddy car to reach for the doorknob. And just one split second before Papa could even stop him, the kiddy car moved and Juan Or fell down flat on the face!

This was where the accident happened.

Turned out too, it was a bloody fall. Juan Or cried at screeching pitch. Papa quickly carried him downstairs. Mommy had just come out from the bathroom and could see Juan Or's mouth all covered with blood. Even his singlet T-shirt had blood. Mommy quickly took him to the bathroom to wash away the excess blood. The washing was difficult to do as Juan Or was struggling and crying very loudly. The bleeding went on and Juan Or was all drenched wet. Mommy then used a kitchen towel paper to dap his face and blood dry. Then his Second Uncle (i.e., younger brother to Papa) took some ice cubes wrapped in handkerchief to dap onto his lips. The ice didn't do much to help as Juan Or was still crying like mad. Finally, we decided to stop dabbing and soon his cries ceased. However, there were still traces of wet blood and sometimes when he moved his mouth, his lips started bleeding again. Then his Second Uncle started dabbing the ice cubes again and again Juan Or cried loudly. Looks like Juan Or hates being dapped with something on his hurt lips. So Mommy told him not to dab with ice anymore and asked him to hand Juan Or to Mommy so that Mommy could change his clothes which were all wet and stained with blood. With Mommy telling Second Uncle not to dab anymore ice on Juan Or led to a protest by Second Uncle that dabbing ice onto a wound is the right thing to do to stop bleeding and insisted that Mommy should wait till he has calmed down before changing his clothes. A quarrel resulted between Mommy and Second Uncle but Mommy went ahead with changing Juan Or's clothes (both grandparents were not around at that time). Immediately after changing, Juan Or's cries stopped and this led to Mommy's conviction that it was the dabbing on hurt lips that caused him to start crying again (and of course the wound to stretch and bleed again). On the other hand, Papa kept on asking Mommy whether it was necessary to send Juan Or to the hospital to which Mommy said it was not neccessary since it was just some small wound. By the way, Mommy at the age of about 4 years, also had a similar accident where Mommy was swinging and climbing on a dressing table and ended up banging the bed's wooden frame straight onto the lips. Mommy recalled the whole incident, despite being bloody, had not gone to the clinic or hospital. Home treatment was all Mommy had.

Mommy decided to just let Juan Or's wound remain untouched and the blood stain or wound to dry by itself. Mommy finds that bleeding stops faster this way. Then Papa and Mommy took him upstairs to our bedroom to occupy him with activities to help him forget about the accident. Mommy was still feeling angry and bothered about the fuss that Second Uncle kicked up with but Papa told Mommy to just let go and ignore it since the rest of the household members are the 'masters of the house' (which is why we are moving out soon!).

That night, Juan Or's sleeping pattern was very erratic - waking up once in every half hour to an hour and crying or fretting as well, probably due to the painful lips. And don't know for what reason or could it be due to gas accumulation in the stomach from excessive crying, Juan Or vomitted out the water he drank about half an hour ago. And this vomitting episode didn't just happen once, it went on for three times even without him crying prior to the vomitting. Luckily, by 4 am, the vomitting episode ended, and for the first time that night, he slept through for two straight hours. By the time he woke up at about 6 am, Papa already woke up and offered to bring him to the Bukit Jalil park (just to let him forget about the accident and discomfort). Juan Or was indeed very happy at the park, but was very manja (pampered) - wanting to be carried most of the time.

Once back from the park, Mommy rocked him to sleep again (that time was already 8 am). Grandpa offered to do the rocking, so Mommy took the opportunity to sleep ( yes, Mommy was downright tired!) till Juan Or woke up again at near 10 am. After that, for the rest of the day (Sunday), Juan Or looks OK already - happily playing, eating and interacting, and no more vomitting.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Special Delivery for Juan Or

This posting should have been up shortly after Mommy was back in office after being off for 1 week 1 day during Chinese New Year, no thanks to the piling and pending bits and pieces of work at the office.

In one of those working weekdays, Mommy's superior (the Dean of the Faculty of Applied Sciences) came knocking on Mommy's office door to hand over (or rather, deliver a box of Meiji chocolates. On the plastic wrapper of the chocolate box, the name "JUAN OR" was written on it - large print. The Dean said that Mr. K had asked her to pass it to Mommy as he had forgotten to do so when he came to visit Mommy in the office. By the way, Mr. K was the top student of UCSI's Faculty of Applied Sciences and is continuing his PhD studies in Japan under the Japanese government's scholarship. He is also Mommy's ex-colleague because he lectured for some time before furthering his studies in Japan. He was back in Malaysia for the Chinese New Year holiday. During his visit to Mommy's office, he and Mommy had a good chat about Japanese people, their lifestyle, mindset, norms on the road and many other aspects of Japanese life. He also mentioned that although Meiji chocolates are very expensive in Malaysia, however, it is actually a 'cheap' item in Japan! In Japan, Meiji chocolates can easily be found in their convenience stores and sold very much like those RM1 items in Malaysia!

Meiji fruit-flavoured chocolates - dedicated to Juan Or from Mr. K.

That day when Mommy took the chocolate home and handed them to Juan Or, Juan Or was like huh-what's-that-never-seen-before kind of reaction. Juan Or took the box, turned it around and started shaking the box and then handed it to Papa. Papa opened the box, tore open the foil packaging and offered a piece to Juan Or. Juan Or's reaction? He turned his head away - don't know how to eat and don't even want to try! So in the end, the chocolates ended up in Papa and Mommy's stomach instead! And the chocolate's yummy - it's actually fruit-flavoured chocolates!

Mr. K, if you are reading this, a big thank you for having the heart to buy something for Juan Or. No matter how big or how small the gift is, it is the thought that matters. Juan Or is still too young to appreciate what you bought for him, but never mind, if Juan Or can't finish it, the parents will finish it up on his behalf......hehehehe! :-D

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Trip to the Outskirts of Klang (Part 2)

From Pantai Remis, Papa drove on along Jalan Kapar to reach Kuala Selangor. We arrived at Pasir Penambang of Kuala Selangor where there is a fishing village and many seafood restaurants. However, Papa decided to stop by at a Chinese temple first for some sight-seeing.

This is the Chinese temple we visited.

This Chinese temple looks colourful and comes adorned with monkey statues. Papa is unclear as to which deity this temple is associated with but thought probably it has something to do with the Monkey God.

Any association with the Monkey God?

There was a deity consultation session going on. Mommy could see from the back of the spirit medium seated on his special chair giving consultation to a lady. Mommy decided not to snap any photo of the event for fear of offending the deity. So Mommy merely snapped photos of the temple's surrounding.

Somewhere at the five-foot way at the side of the temple, Mommy saw Juan Or and two other kids going onto the floor with their knees and surrounding something. All three of them looked excited. On closer inspection, apparently it was a huge beetle! Yes, Mommy knows this is the first time Juan Or (and the other kids) saw a huge beetle.

This is the five-foot way where Papa and Juan Or were posing where the hugh beetle was found.

The hugh beetle is definitely a big hit among young kids and Juan Or is no exception. What surprised Mommy also was that after snapping this photo, the girl and boy came over to Mommy (without feeling shy at all!) to look at the image that Mommy captured. So nowadays young kids are well-exposed - they somehow know that a handphone is also capable of taking photos!

Not too far away from the beetle, but still at the five-foot way, was a lost tiny crab (still alive!), but it didn't attract much attention unlike the beetle, but it did attract Papa's attention! The poor crab must have wondered away from the muddy riverbanks and got itself lost at the temple!
Just behind the temple is a river. That's how the poor tiny crab ended up at the temple's five-foot way.

Still standing at the same spot from where Mommy snapped the previous photo, now this view is to the right side instead. Notice the fishing village at the right side of the photo?

After the temple, we all headed for our regular seafood restaurant (Tian Wai Tian Restaurant) at Pasir Penambang, but unfortunately it was closed! Our 2nd best option of seafood restaurant (can't remember the name) was not available too because the restaurant only operates at night. However, we didn't bother to eat in the other restaurants in the vicinity because we have tried them before and it didn't taste that good. So we left Kuala Selangor immediately and headed back to Kuala Lumpur but this time via the Subang-Sungai Buloh route. Halfway through, we encountered a massive traffic jam, so Papa decided to turn-tail and used the Kapar Road to head to Klang and then to our new house in Puchong. By the time we reached Klang, it was already 1.30pm and our stomachs were already rumbling. So we decided to stop over at Happy Village Resturant in Klang (at Taman Rashna, near Berkeley Garden).

Here's what Juan Or was up to at Happy Village Restaurant:

When waiting for food to arrive.......

Papa said,"Juan Or, here's some Chinese tea poured into the bowl for you to practise feeding yourself with the spoon."

This was what probably transpired in Juan Or's mind,"First, dip the spoon into the tea and scoop."
"Eh....cannot-lah.Using the spoon is so troublesome. Put it aside first."

"Hahaha.....better use my hand-lah!"

"Use hand also cannot! Ai-yah, drink straight from the bowl-lah! Easier that way!"

And finally here comes the food!
Kung Poh Mantis Prawn - mantis prawn stir-fried with dark soya sauce and dried chillies. Papa and Mommy's verdict: Good! Juan Or's response: so-so only and at one point started refusing it.
Tauhu Kang - beancurd soup with shredded crab meat in superior stock. Papa and Mommy's verdict: Very good! Juan Or's response: so-so only and at one point started refusing it.
Sweet potato leaves stir-fried with sambal belacan (chilli shrimp paste). Papa's verdict: Good! Mommy's verdict: Very good! (but verdict may be a little biased because Mommy is a vegetable lover). Juan Or's response: "I WANT SOME MORE!"

Additional verdict by Juan Or for plain white rice: "Good! I want some more!" (Juan Or has this peculiar preference for plain white rice minus the gravy from meat dishes). Weird, huh!?
Finished eating, stomach full, feel happy already. Can act like Popeye, "TOOT! TOOT!"

Trip to Outskirt Parts of Klang (Part 1)

This is actually an outdated post. This trip was on the 7th March 2010. After making waterfall trips, this time Papa and Mommy decided to bring Juan Or to the beach - Pantai Remis. Mommy's fond memories of Pantai Remis was that Mommy dug for green-shelled clams which were found in abundance during low tide, but that was when Mommy was 14 years old! By now, the beach is already exhausted from such sea creatures. From Sri Petaling, Papa used the Federal Highway to reach Klang and then to Kapar via Jalan Kapar. Pantai Remis is situated somewhere along the Jalan Kapar that connects Kapar to Kuala Selangor.

By the time we reached Pantai Remis, the sky looked dark and cloudy. No rain yet, thankfully, but it was very windy. There was also a Malay man flying a kite at the beach. What actually happened was when our cark stopped at the beach, Juan Or woke up from sleep. The moment he opened his eyes, he saw the kite and immediately exclaimed "KITE!" This was his first time seeing a real kite. Before this, the kite that Juan Or knew was merely from book illustrations. Immediately after that, Juan Or forgot about his sleepiness and was eager to walk at the beach.

Some snapshots of us at Pantai Remis:

See the kite up in the sky? That's the real kite that Juan Or saw for the first time in his life.

Juan Or even went near the Malay man (seated with his partner) to tell him "Kite! Kite!"

A close-up of Juan Or and Mommy at the beach.

Juan Or walking along the beach with Papa.

Watching the waves hit the shore.

Some scenary photos of the beach as well:
The right side of the beach.....
....and the left side.
All three of us managed to enjoy the sea wind minus the hot sun for about 10-15 minutes before it started to drizzle. Then we quickly hopped into the car and made our way to Kuala Selangor. So stay tuned for Part 2.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Moo Moo Kow Cloth Diaper Giveaway

Mommy first saw blogpost entries about the Moo Moo Kow cloth diaper giveaway in Nicole's Baby Jessica and then later in Small Kucing. So Mommy decided why not give a try for Juan Or as well. By the way, today is the last day for submitting entries. If you would like to know more about this brand of cloth diaper, do click here.

The Modern Carino online store's header.

Mommy then searched for instructions on how to participate in this giveaway and this led Mommy to the Modern Cutie blog. This blog promotes baby wear, especially cloth diapers, and a host of other baby and mummy items such as cloth pads, wetbags, liners and leggings. So all you have to do to stand a chance for this giveaway is to leave a comment at the giveaway's blogpost on why you want to own a Moo Moo Kow Diaper and that will entitle you to one entry. And if you have a blog or website and you want two more entries, just write a blogpost about this giveaway and link your blogpost back to the Modern Carino online store. Of course, you are required to include the Modern Carino header (above) into your blogpost as well. Finally, include your blogpost's permanent URL link to the comments section of the giveaway's blogpost.

Imagine if Juan Or is wearing the trendy-looking Moo Moo Kow cloth diaper instead of disposable diaper/diaper pants. That could probably 'trick' Juan Or into being fully potty-trained and save Mommy some money at the same time.

By the way, why does Mommy want to get the Moo Moo Kow cloth diaper for Juan Or? That's because Juan Or is still not fully potty-trained yet. When it comes to passing motion, sometimes he will tell Mommy (so Mommy will quickly put him on the potty), but most of the time not. So by the time Mommy knows it, the faeces are all out and Juan Or has even sat on it till it flattened or spreaded all over the buttocks! So if Juan Or gets to have the cloth diaper, then maybe Mommy can 'trick' him into thinking that he's wearing an underwear, or rather, a brief. Of course Mommy will tell Juan Or also that if he doesn't want to feel dirty in his underwear, then he has to tell Mommy when he wants to urinate or do his business. But then Mommy expects accidents to happen along the way, so the cloth diaper, while acting as an 'underwear', is able to absorb his waste as well. So the floor won't be messy when accidents happen, thus lesser work for Mommy! Other features about this cloth diaper that attract Mommy are:
  • one-size-fits-all feature where the diaper has various adjustments of fastening, so it 'grows' together with Juan Or

  • the diaper is waterproof despite being made of fabric.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mommy's Adventure at the Litt Tak Warehouse Sale (11th - 14th March 2010)

Yay! It's the Litt Tak Warehouse Sale again at the Desa Tun Razak's SMI area! Mommy has regularly been going to this sale since Mommy was pregnant with Juan Or considering that Litt Tak is just on the way to Mommy's workplace.

Mommy arrived one the first day of the sale, at 9.10am, and there were already a lot of people - not too crowded though, but lots of people. So probably the Litt Tak sale is getting famous already! There are quite a substantial addition of new toys (i.e., never seen before in previous sales) while majority of the toys are seen before previously. On the whole, these are some pointers that Mommy noticed for this batch of toy sale:

  • more quantities (rather than varieties) of infant toys. Disney (mostly Pooh and gang, but very few Mickey Mouse) rattles/teethers sold for RM1, Tomy infant's multiple touch-texture plush toy for RM1 (which is cheaper now than what Mommy bought last time for RM2), Tomy finger puppets made of T-shirt cloth and an embedded bell sold in pairs for RM2.

    RM1 each only! Tomy and Disney brands! Very cheap!

  • a Disney toy (Pooh) with multiple buttons and levers for older infants or very young toddlers sold for RM9 this time (last sale was RM8). (You may want to click here to know which toy Mommy is referring to).
  • certain toys (probably just a small variety) have gone up in price, for example this cookery set is now priced at RM20 (last time was RM15 only).

  • This cookery set, meant to look like non-stick cookware, is now RM20, no longer RM15.

  • way, way, way lesser Thomas and Friends toy set this time - only about a handful of boxes this time and the packaging looks old and a little dented at the edges, but cheaper this time.

  • This one's sold for RM100 and it has two separate track-routes, comes with a Thomas train, a bus and an accompanying storybook. Previously, it was sold for RM120 (you may want to click here to read about the previous sale). However, there is only one box left when Mommy saw it. But then Mommy is not buying it even though it's cheaper now because Juan Or already has a Thomas and Friends starter set (bought for RM55 from Litt Tak sale). This kind of toy only revolves around a train going round and round and round till the batteries die out, so what's the point of buying more than one set?

  • a self-assembled tricycle for RM40 (last, last time was RM45, then later went up to RM50). Again, you may want to click here to view the tricycle.

  • Power Ranger toys selling for as low as RM3.

  • Power Ranger figurines (rubbery texture) sold for RM5 each.

    Power Ranger mask set (comes with sword and hood) for RM10.

    More Power Ranger toys lined up at the stairs. Here's where you can find Power Ranger toys selling from RM3.

  • on the whole, quite a number of toys that were seen before in previous sale are now even lower in price.

More snapshots of the sale:

Some infant and girlie toys.

More toys.

Gundam toys.

2-in-1 toy consisting of a doodle board and a container of big building blocks for RM8 only. Very cheap!

However, there are some toys which Mommy just can't comprehend (usually Japanese toys), like this one:

One figurine with head and another without the head. So do you play the toy by interchanging the head with the two bodies? Hmmmm......strange toy. And what's that black round thing for? Although this toy just doesn't make sense to Mommy, but Mommy still see some peple buying it. One man's meat is another man's poison, right? By the way, it's priced at RM5.

Here's what Mommy got for Juan Or:

Top: A sushi-making set that comes with the mould and dough for RM9 - have to wait till Juan Or is older before he can play this. Bottom: Tomy brand of build-and-play toy car and helicopter meant for 18 months old and above, each for RM9 (in previous two sales before, Mommy bought the aeroplane one for RM15 - cheh!). This is an example of toys that have gone down in price. But Mommy must admit the plastic material and finishing are of very good quality. Juan Or had banged the toy before and handled it very roughly, still the toy is in good shape.

Disney's Pooh Little Doctor Kit for RM15 only! The finishing looks of good quality. When Mommy found this set, this was the only one left. Mommy recall seeing the same set sold in previous Litt Tak sales for RM22 or RM25 - can't remember, but the price has definitely gone down this time. Thank God Mommy resisted buy it that time.

Smaller-item toys: Baby Mickey teether for RM1 (obviously Juan Or doesn't use teether anymore but this is more of Mommy's collection of Mickey Mouse items), children basketball set for RM3 (a hole is provided for you to hang the basket or if you like, you can use the heavy-duty foam double-sided tape provided), toy saxaphone for RM2 and a toy binocular for RM2.

Left: 'Flying' toy which is made up of a launcher to propel a winged device for RM7. Right: Fractions learning game for RM7 to serve as educational tool for Juan Or when he is much older.

From top to bottom: Big watergun for RM10, Power Rangers toy sword for RM3, and Japanese superhero figurines of rubbery texture and fine finishing for RM5 each. The figurines are more for Mommy's collection in the showcase cabinet, not really for Juan Or's playing though. ^ ^

This time, Mommy decided to introduce the toys to Juan Or, one by one on separate days. Mommy's plan is whenever Juan Or spontaneously shows good behaviour such as clearing up his toys/things, obedience or allows Mommy to brush his teeth without making a big fuss (but without warning him about rewarding a toy for good behaviour.....hehehehe), then Mommy will take out a new toy for him to play.

Today, Mommy decided to introduce the toy saxaphone. Juan Or was very enthusiastic about it probably because it was something new and never-seen-before for him.

Well, he doesn't quite know how to hold it properly. He tends to hold it at the top bended portion of the saxaphone and not pressing down any keys, so no matter how he blows, there's no sound. But sometimes, he managed to hold it properly and managed to press some keys too, so there's sound. Luckily Papa managed to capture this photo at the time when Juan Or held it properly.

Here's a video of Mommy teaching Juan Or how to hold it:

And here's a video of Juan Or blowing it, although he still holds it in a funny sort of way:

Anyway, here's a blogpost compilation of Mommy's experience with the Litt Tak Warehouse Sale:

Just a little positive note here: Although Litt Tak states in their advertisement that the sale ends at 6pm, but in reality, even at about 10 minutes past 6, they still entertain customers. Now, that's something good to know, right? ^ ^