Friday, March 19, 2010

Special Delivery for Juan Or

This posting should have been up shortly after Mommy was back in office after being off for 1 week 1 day during Chinese New Year, no thanks to the piling and pending bits and pieces of work at the office.

In one of those working weekdays, Mommy's superior (the Dean of the Faculty of Applied Sciences) came knocking on Mommy's office door to hand over (or rather, deliver a box of Meiji chocolates. On the plastic wrapper of the chocolate box, the name "JUAN OR" was written on it - large print. The Dean said that Mr. K had asked her to pass it to Mommy as he had forgotten to do so when he came to visit Mommy in the office. By the way, Mr. K was the top student of UCSI's Faculty of Applied Sciences and is continuing his PhD studies in Japan under the Japanese government's scholarship. He is also Mommy's ex-colleague because he lectured for some time before furthering his studies in Japan. He was back in Malaysia for the Chinese New Year holiday. During his visit to Mommy's office, he and Mommy had a good chat about Japanese people, their lifestyle, mindset, norms on the road and many other aspects of Japanese life. He also mentioned that although Meiji chocolates are very expensive in Malaysia, however, it is actually a 'cheap' item in Japan! In Japan, Meiji chocolates can easily be found in their convenience stores and sold very much like those RM1 items in Malaysia!

Meiji fruit-flavoured chocolates - dedicated to Juan Or from Mr. K.

That day when Mommy took the chocolate home and handed them to Juan Or, Juan Or was like huh-what's-that-never-seen-before kind of reaction. Juan Or took the box, turned it around and started shaking the box and then handed it to Papa. Papa opened the box, tore open the foil packaging and offered a piece to Juan Or. Juan Or's reaction? He turned his head away - don't know how to eat and don't even want to try! So in the end, the chocolates ended up in Papa and Mommy's stomach instead! And the chocolate's yummy - it's actually fruit-flavoured chocolates!

Mr. K, if you are reading this, a big thank you for having the heart to buy something for Juan Or. No matter how big or how small the gift is, it is the thought that matters. Juan Or is still too young to appreciate what you bought for him, but never mind, if Juan Or can't finish it, the parents will finish it up on his behalf......hehehehe! :-D


prince n princess mum said...

Nice wor..

smallkucing said...

LOLat Mama and Papa eating the choc..

Sheoh Yan said...

A very thoughtful friend indeed.

Alice Law said...

Hehe... lucky boy! Definitely will know how to appreciate goodies whn he grows older!

Alice Phua said...

Prince n princess mum, yes, colourful packet and nice fruity taste to the chocolate too.

Smallkucing, hahaha....what to do, budak doesn't want to eat, some more don't want to waste, so we adults sapu loh! So happen the chocolate is tasty, so it's a bonus for us adults loh! :-D

Sheoh Yan, yup! :-D

Alice Law, when Juan Or reads this blogpost when he's much older, he should be appreciative. Now if I tell him, I think he's still 'blur blur' about it.

mNhL said...

Haha...Juan Or still does not know how to appreciate the choc. He does not like sweet things?

Alice Phua said...

mNhL, well, Juan Or's taste seems inconsistent. Certain sweet food he likes, certain ones not. Same goes for food that are not sweet. I guess he has not yet develop the taste for it.