Monday, March 22, 2010

Watching "Nanny 911"

For the past few Mondays, Mommy had been watching "Nanny 911" on NTV7 at 8.31 pm. But Mommy made sure that Juan Or watches the show together with Mommy (*smiles*). Reason? Because Juan Or seems to understand and 'benefit' from what he's watching!

What is this "Nanny 911" show all about? Well, this is a reality show about how each week, a problem family (note the general trends: very naughty and disobedient children causing havoc in the household, parents not being able to control their children's behaviour, both husband and wife are not in-sync where parenting/household rules are concerned) will be featured and a nanny will be chosen (from a team of 15 world-class nannies) to solve that family's problem within 1 week. The interesting part of the show is to watch how the assigned nanny (usually clad in Sherlock Holmes-kind-of-suit, but minus the magnifying glass!) handles the dynamics of interaction between each family member and how she empowers the weaker parent to play their parenting roles more effectively. (You can watch a sample of "Nanny 911" here.)

Now back to why Mommy watches this show with Juan Or. First, Mommy gets to learn a thing or two about getting children's discipline in shape and reinforces Mommy's conviction that adults within a household must be consistent in their parenting/household policies (which is rather lacking in the in-law's house with Papa and Mommy on one side, and the grandparents on the other side), otherwise children will look for loop holes to get things their way. Another thing is that whenever the show shows naughty children scattering their toys everywhere, climbing up and down dangerously, screaming and beating each other without any reservation, Mommy will point out to Juan Or and then say,"Juan Or, you see the children? Naughty or not!?" And then when the nanny got the children to clean up their mess (such as scattered toys), Mommy will again point it out to Juan Or and insist that Juan Or should clear his toys too immediately after the show! And indeed, Juan Or obediently cleared his toys!

Here are snapshots of Papa and Mommy's bedroom from different angles when Juan Or caused chaos:

Juan Or lying in his heap of mess on the floor.

And this was after Juan Or had cleared his toys after Mommy insisted that he should do the same after watching "Nanny 911"!


smallkucing said...

Good training for Juan Or. Ya...smallkucing have been train since young to clean up b4 he goes to bed. I usually let him mess up the living room then before he goes to bed he will pick up everything

Alice Law said...

Well done Juan Or!

Yalor, I reckon it's terribly hard to implement any parenting policy in family with multi or fragmented ideas!

I personally have a strict route for my kids, but once in a while when MIL came, she would disrupt my schedule that had planned for the kids! For instance sleeping route, games and meals rules... luckily after she left, everything will resume to normal! :p

Sheoh Yan said...

Alice, I agree strong with you on the consistency. I am a parent who is very strict in implementing the routine for my children. I insist on consitent schedule for meal, nap, study and play time.

Alice Phua said...

Smallkucing, well done on your part for instilling the good habit of clearing up Joshua's own mess as part of his routine! :-D

Alice Law, thanks! I personally think it's also good for Juan Or in the long run that we live away from the grandparents and any other extended family member. Although it means more work on my part (wash hubby and my clothes, cook/buy own food, juggling with office work etc.), but if it's good for Juan Or's discipline/well-being, then I'm willing to do it.

Sheoh Yan, yup, I agree on consistency too. Consistency has been one of the major issues behind all the quarrels that my hubby and I had with the in-laws.

Alice Law said...

3 thumbs up!! No matter what other ppls say or comment about you, you are a wonderful mom that willing to sacrifice for your boy!

Juan Or should have proud of having you!!

Alice Phua said...

ALice Law, thanks! Just like the saying - spare the rod, spoil the child or spoil the rod, spare the child. I'm willing to do all I can to make sure Juan Or grows up well, is well-mannered, disciplined and all that... even if it means having to quarrel with the in-laws about how to bring him up. "Spare the relationship with in-laws, spoil the child. Spoil the relationship with in-laws, spare the child."

Broccoli Ginger said...

wow! I am impressed! Good show must watch already.

Alice Phua said...

Broccoli Ginger, I'm sure you will enjoy watching this show too! :-D

Broccoli Ginger said...

True enough. very hard to get our kids discipline when extended family members involved...... I really don't know how to handle this.. :(

mNhL said...

Thks for sharing on the show. Never know about it. Sound nice.

Agreed. When in-law invovled, it is very difficult. Like what you said "spoilt the relationship". But knowing have to live together for the rest of my life, I can't spoilt that relationship. Maybe got to tahan till the kids grow up.

cheeyee said...

Hey sounds like a very good show. Too bad I can't watch TV program at home.

I don't have very strict route for the kids. But since we are not staying with the parents, we do have our own way on handling the kids. Yes there are lots more work when there are kids around but we are used to it now. And yeah, it is difficult if other people in the same house are not giving support and be consistent on raising the children. Normally I won't give face (depends on the scenario too) as they are my own kids after all.

Alice Phua said...

Broccoli Ginger, yup, agree. I find that disciplining my son when the in-laws are around poses very tricky situations for me. There were situations when I disciplined Juan Or my way and they started scolding me saying that he's too young so don't need to do any disciplining (that was when he was much younger but far from being a newborn). Later when he's older, they scolded me saying that's not the way to discipline him or they said,"Whole day also talk about discipline!" And see-loh, if I can tahan, I tahan. If cannot tahan, I talk back....don't care. What the in-laws don't realize is that they are indirectly teaching my son that it's OK to defy the parents' authority because he will get his grandparents' backing. And then next time when he is in his teens already and if the grandparents are gone forever, then the defying thing becomes a habit pulak and will be a big headache for hubby and me. That's why I think, ideally, when raising up children, grandparents should be out of the equation.

mNhL, I really admire that you have great patience to tahan with them. Salute you!

Cheeyee, hahaha...same here, I won't give face to the in-laws when it comes to upbringing my child, but again depending on the severity of the situation too.

Broccoli Ginger said...

Ya. THe granparents should just let go. It's the parents responsibility when it comes to discipline the child. Don't they just let it go and be supportive?