Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Juan Or on the 4th Day of Chinese New Year 2010

(Note: There will be no blogpost on the 3rd day of CNY because Mommy's handphone had low battery....hehehehe.....forgot to charge the battery, so couldn't take any photos. ^ ^)

So what did we do on the 4th day of CNY? Well, we went window shopping at The Curve, Kota Damansara. So just before we made our way there, Mommy made another attempt to put on another Chinese New Year suit onto Juan Or. This suit was bought by Juan Or's paternal Grandma. It is sleeveless, comes with a pair of shorts and made of cotton material, much like those material normally used for British India or South China Sea clothes. So what was Juan Or's reaction towards the CNY suit? Well, Mommy anticipated him to be fretful and hesitant like last time, so Mommy made sure that before the top part was worn on him, Mommy buttoned up all the buttons leaving only the topmost button open so that it could be worn like a round-neck T-shirt. And the wearing action had to be done quickly! As expected, Juan Or fretted and struggled a little when Mommy put it on, but once it slipped onto his little body, he seems fine with it already! After that, wearing the shorts was just a breeze! Ta-dah, a China boy!

Juan Or the China boy.....

......and now posing with the sunglasses!

Chinese New Year decoration at The Curve was nice, but not outstanding though. Papa, on the other hand, didn't quite like the deco because it was the fusion type - a fusion between traditional and modern CNY deco. Here are some snapshots in The Curve itself:

Don't know why Juan Or just refused to look towards the handphone camera! Too fascinated with the CNY deco, perhaps?

Here's the overview of the CNY deco at the concourse area of The Curve.

Juan Or posing at the bench. The hand at the left is Papa's hand holding his handphone.

Fake bamboo trees with lanterns hanging at the top as part of the CNY deco.

A wishing tree to hang your CNY wishes with a fee, of course. But guess who's wishes came true first? The Curve's management, of course!

Aaahhh.....something more red in the background now.

Then we walked out of The Curve building towards the direction of e@Curve and more photos were snapped.

Juan Or posing with two cows. Now, who's the other cow? Papa, of course! He is an ox actually, not cow.

Juan Or seems enchanted with fountains.

Here's the front part just outside e@Curve where you have fake plum blossom trees decorated with red lanterns and a fountain at the centre of them all. In fact, Papa preferred this type of CNY deco than the ones in The Curve! Juan Or, on the other hand, seemed captivated with the rhythm of the fountain. He would stand and stare at the fountain for quite a long time.

Juan Or and Papa posing at the fake plum blossom tree.

A nearer view now.

Mesmerized by the fountain.

A closer view of the mesmerization.

A beautiful setting. No wonder Juan Or seemed enchanted with it.

Taking a seat by the side fountain.

After Mommy was satisfied with snapping photos, it was time to have lunch, so Papa took us to McDonald's at e@Curve. This time, the strawberry topping ice-cream was only half-price, so Papa bought it together with a Big Mac, fillet-o-fish burger and McD's fried chicken value meals. Surprisingly too, Juan Or had very good appetite for the ice-cream, french fries and fried chicken. Mommy was very happy too that Juan Or ate a lot of meat this time. Mommy shredded the chicken meat according to the grains and gave him one shred of meat at a time to hold and munch, just like holding and munching a french fry. Previously, this meat-shredding trick was successful but only for a short time, then he revert to his norm of not wanting to eat meat again. Mommy guessed probably Juan Or likes to eat food in a commercial setting. That probably explains why he seems to eat better when eating outside compared to eating Grandma's home-cooked food. By the way, a McDonalds staff came over to our table to give Juan Or a plastic McDonalds pencil box and a stationery set - what a pleasant surprise!

Just one last look (and snap) before we leave the place.

After McDonalds, we went back into The Curve again to do some window shopping. Along the way, while waiting for Papa to see his things, Mommy took Juan Or to sit in a kiddy car (upon Juan Or's request) but without putting in the coin, of course!

Juan Or on the kiddy car which he refused to leave after that!


mNhL said...

Juan Or looks very cute in that chinese custome.

smallkucing said...

Cute...finally wore chinese costume. Very hensem.Looks a bit big. Maybe can still wear it next year :D

prince n princess mum said...

So yao yeng!~

cheeyee said...

This Chinese costume looks slightly different style with the normal one but very nice too. Must get one for my boy next year CNY. :)

Alice Law said...

Aiyar~!! Missed the Curve's CNY Deco this year, pickles!!

Anyway, nice costume Juan Or (Thumb up!)!

Alice Phua said...

mNhL, thanks! Phew, finally managed to get him to wear one.

Smallkucing, thanks! Yes, I'll still let him wear it for next year's CNY. Save money, no need to buy some more. :-D

Prince n Princecess Mum, thanks!

Cheeyee, ya, this one looks more like the minority Chinese kind of style to me.

Alice Law, never mind loh, next year will have some more new design, new look. Thanks!