Thursday, March 4, 2010

Juan Or on the 8th Day of Chinese New Year 2010

This day will be the last of our house visitation days during the CNY season. It was a Sunday and Mommy had intended to visit Mommy's side of aunts (Ah Yees) in Pandamaran. One of Mommy's aunts opens a tyre shop, so rarely could go on holiday. Thus she and her family will go for overseas vacation during Chinese New Year. This year, she and her family would only be back in Malaysia from Day 7 onwards.

Also, just in case Juan Or cries when we go visiting to people's house, Papa and Mommy decided to drop by at North Port first for sight-seeing before going for lunch in Telok Gong and finally off to the aunts' houses (both aunts stay next door to each other).

Here are some snapshots taken at North Port:

"Hello, everyone! We are now stopping by at North Port to catch some sea breeze."

Here's a model life-sized ship to decorate the place. In the past, the municipal council used to allow people to climb the stairs and into the ship, but now they have put up a barrier. Too much vandalism, perhaps?

Here's father and son posing together with the distant port structures in the background.

A perspective of the seaside. Note the rocky seaside and anglers doing their business.

Now both father and son are in the perspective!
Papa was helping Juan Or to go up the short flight of stairs.

Juan Or was caught red-handed plucking the leaves of the hedges. He probably didn't realize Mommy snapping a photo of him in action. ^ ^
Got pricked by the twigs, eh?
"Bye-bye, North Port! We are heading to the car now."

When it was time to enter Mommy's Ah Yee's houses, Juan Or was hesitant and almost fretful at first, but once in the house, Juan Or looked like he has adjusted himself already - no more crying or fretting! So look's like Juan Or has truly 'grown up' already. No more like those days when he would cry non-stop when brought to people's house. However, Mommy was too occupied with chatting with the Ah Yees while watching over Juan Or so much so Mommy forgot to snap some photos there.


prince n princess mum said...

Nice place for sight seeing..

Alice Law said...

Juan Or has really grown up and became more sociable, Juan Or "pannai"!

Alice Phua said...

Prince n princess mum, this place is good for a stroll while enjoying the sea breeze.

Alice Law, hahah...yalah, big boy already :-) I see his face also is more of a little boy already, not so much of the baby-baby look anymore.

smallkucing said...

Got a lot of makan-makan there too :D

Alice Phua said...

Smallkucing, last time (even before Juan Or was born), hubby and I used to eat at the seafood restaurant nearby there. But ever since they have gone up in price and the portion is small some more, so nowadays we don't eat in North Port anymore, pindah to Telok Gong already.