Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Trip to the Outskirts of Klang (Part 2)

From Pantai Remis, Papa drove on along Jalan Kapar to reach Kuala Selangor. We arrived at Pasir Penambang of Kuala Selangor where there is a fishing village and many seafood restaurants. However, Papa decided to stop by at a Chinese temple first for some sight-seeing.

This is the Chinese temple we visited.

This Chinese temple looks colourful and comes adorned with monkey statues. Papa is unclear as to which deity this temple is associated with but thought probably it has something to do with the Monkey God.

Any association with the Monkey God?

There was a deity consultation session going on. Mommy could see from the back of the spirit medium seated on his special chair giving consultation to a lady. Mommy decided not to snap any photo of the event for fear of offending the deity. So Mommy merely snapped photos of the temple's surrounding.

Somewhere at the five-foot way at the side of the temple, Mommy saw Juan Or and two other kids going onto the floor with their knees and surrounding something. All three of them looked excited. On closer inspection, apparently it was a huge beetle! Yes, Mommy knows this is the first time Juan Or (and the other kids) saw a huge beetle.

This is the five-foot way where Papa and Juan Or were posing where the hugh beetle was found.

The hugh beetle is definitely a big hit among young kids and Juan Or is no exception. What surprised Mommy also was that after snapping this photo, the girl and boy came over to Mommy (without feeling shy at all!) to look at the image that Mommy captured. So nowadays young kids are well-exposed - they somehow know that a handphone is also capable of taking photos!

Not too far away from the beetle, but still at the five-foot way, was a lost tiny crab (still alive!), but it didn't attract much attention unlike the beetle, but it did attract Papa's attention! The poor crab must have wondered away from the muddy riverbanks and got itself lost at the temple!
Just behind the temple is a river. That's how the poor tiny crab ended up at the temple's five-foot way.

Still standing at the same spot from where Mommy snapped the previous photo, now this view is to the right side instead. Notice the fishing village at the right side of the photo?

After the temple, we all headed for our regular seafood restaurant (Tian Wai Tian Restaurant) at Pasir Penambang, but unfortunately it was closed! Our 2nd best option of seafood restaurant (can't remember the name) was not available too because the restaurant only operates at night. However, we didn't bother to eat in the other restaurants in the vicinity because we have tried them before and it didn't taste that good. So we left Kuala Selangor immediately and headed back to Kuala Lumpur but this time via the Subang-Sungai Buloh route. Halfway through, we encountered a massive traffic jam, so Papa decided to turn-tail and used the Kapar Road to head to Klang and then to our new house in Puchong. By the time we reached Klang, it was already 1.30pm and our stomachs were already rumbling. So we decided to stop over at Happy Village Resturant in Klang (at Taman Rashna, near Berkeley Garden).

Here's what Juan Or was up to at Happy Village Restaurant:

When waiting for food to arrive.......

Papa said,"Juan Or, here's some Chinese tea poured into the bowl for you to practise feeding yourself with the spoon."

This was what probably transpired in Juan Or's mind,"First, dip the spoon into the tea and scoop."
"Eh....cannot-lah.Using the spoon is so troublesome. Put it aside first."

"Hahaha.....better use my hand-lah!"

"Use hand also cannot! Ai-yah, drink straight from the bowl-lah! Easier that way!"

And finally here comes the food!
Kung Poh Mantis Prawn - mantis prawn stir-fried with dark soya sauce and dried chillies. Papa and Mommy's verdict: Good! Juan Or's response: so-so only and at one point started refusing it.
Tauhu Kang - beancurd soup with shredded crab meat in superior stock. Papa and Mommy's verdict: Very good! Juan Or's response: so-so only and at one point started refusing it.
Sweet potato leaves stir-fried with sambal belacan (chilli shrimp paste). Papa's verdict: Good! Mommy's verdict: Very good! (but verdict may be a little biased because Mommy is a vegetable lover). Juan Or's response: "I WANT SOME MORE!"

Additional verdict by Juan Or for plain white rice: "Good! I want some more!" (Juan Or has this peculiar preference for plain white rice minus the gravy from meat dishes). Weird, huh!?
Finished eating, stomach full, feel happy already. Can act like Popeye, "TOOT! TOOT!"


Alice Law said...

Wow~ The beancurd soup really looks tasty! Lol, so happy to see Juan Or enjoyed his food... a very nice outing indeed!

Alice Phua said...

Alice Law, yup, the beancurd soup really tastes good. Hubby was still talking about it even long after the meal ended.

smallkucing said...

LOL at the last photo....so cute

Alice Phua said...

Hehehe, which is why I quickly snap that photo before the moment is gone forever! :-D