Sunday, March 7, 2010

Waterfall Day (Part 1)

Following the trip to Jalan Sungai Tua to see nature, Papa and Mommy decided to take Juan Or to see real waterfall (that was last week Sunday, 28th February 2010). The nearest waterfall to where we live is somewhere around the Semenyih water dam area. To go to that part of Semenyih, Papa used the toll-free way to go to Seri Kembangan, then to Balakong, part of Cheras and then as if heading to Kajang but following the signboard that leads to Semenyih.

Our initial plan was to stop at the waterfall at Sungai Tekala Recreational Forest. However, before we could even stop, we could see that the parking lots were all full of cars! Not a good day to go after all - too many people!

So we decided to move on along the curvy and hilly road at the Semenyih dam area and made a stop at some unknown minor waterfall instead! Actually the minor waterfall is just a natural drainage outlet of hill water (or river, perhaps?) at some rocky part of the hill. Because of that, Papa termed it as 'longkang' or drain! ^ ^ It's just that it's a natural drain rather than a man-made one.

This is the minor waterfall which Papa called as the hill's 'drain'.

Papa posing with Juan Or at the minor waterfall.

Now it's Mommy's turn to pose with Juan Or at the minor waterfall.

Papa parked at the road side and took Juan Or to see the minor waterfall while Mommy stayed in the car (just to be on guard since the place is quite isolated). Papa was a little adventurous that day - he even took Juan Or down to the flatter surface of the waterfall which is rather like a shallow ravine. For Mommy, Mommy would not dare to go down with Juan Or because Mommy can be rather clumsy when climbing rocky steps while carrying a baby. But knowing Papa to be one person of good balance and agility even when carrying a baby, Mommy had no qualms about both father and son venturing down the shallow ravine.

This is the lower part of the minor waterfall that meets with the shallow ravine. It was at the shallow ravine where Papa took Juan Or to dip his feet in the cool water.

Ever wondered how Papa managed to go down the shallow ravine with Juan Or? Papa said he made use of the man-made drain steps. To Mommy's standard, the lower part of the man-made drain steps are rather steep. If Mommy is to carry Juan Or along while going down, Mommy dare not-lah, but if alone can-lah!

When it was time to leave the waterfall, Juan Or was a little fretful. Hahaha....looks like this boy is very keen on seeing waterfalls! But soon, his fretful temperament was cured by these little fellas!

The little fellas are MONKEYS!

Mommy also had the chance to take a few snapshots of the scenic hilly view, only thing is the view of the dam was blocked by the road barrier from Mommy's angle. However, in the later part of travelling along the hilly road, the view of the dam was visible again but Papa felt it was not a safe spot to stop the car, so in the end, no dam photo was taken.

A hilly scene from inside the car. See the monkeys sitting on the road barrier (and one more monkey in the middle of the road)?

Another hilly scene. If you dare to go beyond the road barrier and to the edge of the hill, then you will be able to see the dam.

After that, Papa drove on till we saw a signboard saying that Sungai Gabai Waterfall is 12 km away. So we decided to make a try for it as well since we were already at the vicinity. And that will be Part 2, so stay tuned!


smallkucing said...
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smallkucing said...

Really looked like "longkang" :p

I remember there is another one nearby called air terjun sg gabai. Went before during my school days

Alice Law said...

Next time can bring Juan Or to Lata Iskandar Waterfall of Cameron Highland, I bet he will LOVE it!

Alice Phua said...

Smallkucing, hehehe.....yes, natural longkang! :-D

Alice Law, ya, I did think of bringing him there, but later felt that's it's more practical to bring him there only after we have shifted to the new house. Reason? Becos Juan Or is showing milk rejection again (at home) after the babysitter is back from her holidays. Some more hubby prefers to start the journey very early if we are to go Cameron Highlands, so most likely Juan Or may have to skip drinking milk, instead eat solid food for breakfast. And of course, you know-lah, if the in-laws know that he skips milk in the morning, then they will have a lot of things to say! *Wink*

Alice Law said...

Ahh~ just give Juan Or his favourite Calciyum yogurt for breakfast!

Infact if we served milk before a long stretchy road, am afraid kid might "puke" instead of enjoying the journey!

mNhL said...

Nice waterfall. Go to these places during such a hot weather sure bring down your tempreature. haha..

Alice Phua said...

Alice Law, haha....yalah, you never know when they start to fret and cry non-stop until puke, then not only they spoil their own journey, they also spoil our journey too with the vomity smell...hehehe!

mNhL, yes, indeed it's cooling and refreshing especially when you can dip in the water even if it is only the feet!