Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mommy's Adventure at the Litt Tak Warehouse Sale (11th - 14th March 2010)

Yay! It's the Litt Tak Warehouse Sale again at the Desa Tun Razak's SMI area! Mommy has regularly been going to this sale since Mommy was pregnant with Juan Or considering that Litt Tak is just on the way to Mommy's workplace.

Mommy arrived one the first day of the sale, at 9.10am, and there were already a lot of people - not too crowded though, but lots of people. So probably the Litt Tak sale is getting famous already! There are quite a substantial addition of new toys (i.e., never seen before in previous sales) while majority of the toys are seen before previously. On the whole, these are some pointers that Mommy noticed for this batch of toy sale:

  • more quantities (rather than varieties) of infant toys. Disney (mostly Pooh and gang, but very few Mickey Mouse) rattles/teethers sold for RM1, Tomy infant's multiple touch-texture plush toy for RM1 (which is cheaper now than what Mommy bought last time for RM2), Tomy finger puppets made of T-shirt cloth and an embedded bell sold in pairs for RM2.

    RM1 each only! Tomy and Disney brands! Very cheap!

  • a Disney toy (Pooh) with multiple buttons and levers for older infants or very young toddlers sold for RM9 this time (last sale was RM8). (You may want to click here to know which toy Mommy is referring to).
  • certain toys (probably just a small variety) have gone up in price, for example this cookery set is now priced at RM20 (last time was RM15 only).

  • This cookery set, meant to look like non-stick cookware, is now RM20, no longer RM15.

  • way, way, way lesser Thomas and Friends toy set this time - only about a handful of boxes this time and the packaging looks old and a little dented at the edges, but cheaper this time.

  • This one's sold for RM100 and it has two separate track-routes, comes with a Thomas train, a bus and an accompanying storybook. Previously, it was sold for RM120 (you may want to click here to read about the previous sale). However, there is only one box left when Mommy saw it. But then Mommy is not buying it even though it's cheaper now because Juan Or already has a Thomas and Friends starter set (bought for RM55 from Litt Tak sale). This kind of toy only revolves around a train going round and round and round till the batteries die out, so what's the point of buying more than one set?

  • a self-assembled tricycle for RM40 (last, last time was RM45, then later went up to RM50). Again, you may want to click here to view the tricycle.

  • Power Ranger toys selling for as low as RM3.

  • Power Ranger figurines (rubbery texture) sold for RM5 each.

    Power Ranger mask set (comes with sword and hood) for RM10.

    More Power Ranger toys lined up at the stairs. Here's where you can find Power Ranger toys selling from RM3.

  • on the whole, quite a number of toys that were seen before in previous sale are now even lower in price.

More snapshots of the sale:

Some infant and girlie toys.

More toys.

Gundam toys.

2-in-1 toy consisting of a doodle board and a container of big building blocks for RM8 only. Very cheap!

However, there are some toys which Mommy just can't comprehend (usually Japanese toys), like this one:

One figurine with head and another without the head. So do you play the toy by interchanging the head with the two bodies? Hmmmm......strange toy. And what's that black round thing for? Although this toy just doesn't make sense to Mommy, but Mommy still see some peple buying it. One man's meat is another man's poison, right? By the way, it's priced at RM5.

Here's what Mommy got for Juan Or:

Top: A sushi-making set that comes with the mould and dough for RM9 - have to wait till Juan Or is older before he can play this. Bottom: Tomy brand of build-and-play toy car and helicopter meant for 18 months old and above, each for RM9 (in previous two sales before, Mommy bought the aeroplane one for RM15 - cheh!). This is an example of toys that have gone down in price. But Mommy must admit the plastic material and finishing are of very good quality. Juan Or had banged the toy before and handled it very roughly, still the toy is in good shape.

Disney's Pooh Little Doctor Kit for RM15 only! The finishing looks of good quality. When Mommy found this set, this was the only one left. Mommy recall seeing the same set sold in previous Litt Tak sales for RM22 or RM25 - can't remember, but the price has definitely gone down this time. Thank God Mommy resisted buy it that time.

Smaller-item toys: Baby Mickey teether for RM1 (obviously Juan Or doesn't use teether anymore but this is more of Mommy's collection of Mickey Mouse items), children basketball set for RM3 (a hole is provided for you to hang the basket or if you like, you can use the heavy-duty foam double-sided tape provided), toy saxaphone for RM2 and a toy binocular for RM2.

Left: 'Flying' toy which is made up of a launcher to propel a winged device for RM7. Right: Fractions learning game for RM7 to serve as educational tool for Juan Or when he is much older.

From top to bottom: Big watergun for RM10, Power Rangers toy sword for RM3, and Japanese superhero figurines of rubbery texture and fine finishing for RM5 each. The figurines are more for Mommy's collection in the showcase cabinet, not really for Juan Or's playing though. ^ ^

This time, Mommy decided to introduce the toys to Juan Or, one by one on separate days. Mommy's plan is whenever Juan Or spontaneously shows good behaviour such as clearing up his toys/things, obedience or allows Mommy to brush his teeth without making a big fuss (but without warning him about rewarding a toy for good behaviour.....hehehehe), then Mommy will take out a new toy for him to play.

Today, Mommy decided to introduce the toy saxaphone. Juan Or was very enthusiastic about it probably because it was something new and never-seen-before for him.

Well, he doesn't quite know how to hold it properly. He tends to hold it at the top bended portion of the saxaphone and not pressing down any keys, so no matter how he blows, there's no sound. But sometimes, he managed to hold it properly and managed to press some keys too, so there's sound. Luckily Papa managed to capture this photo at the time when Juan Or held it properly.

Here's a video of Mommy teaching Juan Or how to hold it:

And here's a video of Juan Or blowing it, although he still holds it in a funny sort of way:

Anyway, here's a blogpost compilation of Mommy's experience with the Litt Tak Warehouse Sale:

Just a little positive note here: Although Litt Tak states in their advertisement that the sale ends at 6pm, but in reality, even at about 10 minutes past 6, they still entertain customers. Now, that's something good to know, right? ^ ^


prince n princess mum said...

Wow! Go warehouse sales again!~

Alice Phua said...

Hahaha....since it's on the way to my office, might as well go and see loh (and buy if ngam)! :-D

smallkucing said...

Wa...Juan Or so lucky

mNhL said... many toys. I like the sushi set. Saw this kind of toy in Parkson / Jusco and are selling very expensive. Not sure if they are the same brand or not.

BoeyJoey said...

Juan Or must be so happy with these new toys :-)

Alice Phua said...

Smallkucing, your Joshua is one lucky boy too - well-provided for. :-)

mNhL, this one, if I'm not mistaken the brand is called Wright-dough.

Alice Phua said...

BoeyJoey, ya, he's happy, but after playing the saxaphone, he started knocking it on the floor pulak! Have to quickly stop him, otherwise it will be the end of the saxaphone.

Alice Law said...

Ohh... I think Juan Juan would be interested with the saxaphone!

Btw, I got the sushi set for RM7 from the previous sale. I think they have marked up the prices for most of the toys!

Alice Law said...

After reading your post we went to Litt Tak today. Bought Juan Juan a blow keyboard(RM2), which she prefered it over the saxaphone, the RM2 binocular and a 'Hello Kitty' wannabe Doctor set for RM10.

You probably got Juan Or a larger sushi set, which I checked mine still cost RM7. :p

Have a pleasant week ahead!

Alice Phua said...

Alice Law, about the sushi set, ya, maybe the RM9 is a larger set. On the 1st day of the sale, I went again for 2nd time at 6pm, this time I started seeing another larger sushi set selling for RM10. When I came earlier in the morning, I only saw the RM9 ones. You have a pleasant week ahead too! :-D

Sheoh Yan said...

Lucky Juan Or, that his mommy bought so many toys for him. It is a good idea that you introduce the new toy one by one for him.

Alice Phua said...

Sheoh Yan, :-)

Parasolx said...

by reading ur reviews, i went there on last saturday...bought lots of infant tomy/disney toys for my baby....and my hubby bought 4 boxes of gundam 00...(he's a collector and reseller) only cost us less than rm250..really wort it..thanks again from ur reviews..defenitely will go there again next time warehouse sale

Alice Phua said...

Parasolx, glad that my review has helped you in a way to get what you and hubby are looking for! Perhaps can share your review as well? :-D