Friday, December 4, 2009

It's the Litt Tak Warehouse Sale Again!

Mommy went to this toy warehouse sale again (yes, Mommy has been going there every time Litt Tak holds a warehouse sale!) on the first day of sale, i.e., 2nd December 2009. This time, there are more variety of toys offered, and a number of the varieties have never been seen before in previous warehouse sales. Litt Tak has even expanded their sale area by having extra display racks just outside their glass entrance door unlike previously where there were only few boxes of toys put merely at the five-foot way.

Here's how the sale looks like. Let the photos speak for themselves.

More racks displayed just outside the office's glass entrance door.

Even the stairs is not spared from being used for displaying toys. The toys displayed at the stairs are mostly Power Ranger toys.

Some girlie toys (Tomy brand) on display.

See this elderly Chinese lady (with white hair and cream colour top) at the right? This lady who is a staff, happens to be able to recognize Mommy already. She assisted Mommy by giving Mommy a big black plactic bag to put Mommy's chosen toys and even acknowledged seeing Mommy come for every Litt Tak sale!

This Disney toy for toddlers aged 18 months and above is sold for RM8 only - very cheap! The toy is still in good condition, only thing is it is dusty and the cardboard box doesn't look so nice anymore. Had Juan Or been much younger, Mommy would have buy this toy (this toy is already too childish for Juan Or) .

Toys, toys, more toys!

Here's what Mommy got for Juan Or:

A set of unisex 'masak-masak' toys for RM15. It contains a stove, sink with tap, kettle, wokpan, casserole with cover, knife, chopping board, 8 pieces of vegetables/fruits with velcro, a cup, 2 plates, and a pair of fork and spoon.

Spelling game set for RM10.

A pair of children boxing gloves for RM3. Mommy saw the old price tag by Billion Supermarket indicating RM9.90!

A set of Toyota miniature cars made of stainless steel with nice finishing, made by Tomy. The price is more expensive....RM40. But this set is not for Juan Or to play. This set is for Mommy's collection to be put into the glass display cabinet. ^ ^
Super hero figurines of about 8 inches in height, with good quality and fine finishing. On the right is a Power Ranger for RM5 (by Bandai) and left is one Japanese superhero by Takara Tomy for RM6. For the Power Ranger figurine, if you squeeze both legs together, the upper body will rotate. Mommy thinks these are nice toy figurines for collection and display purposes, so once Juan Or outgrows playing with toy figurines, Mommy will keep them in the display cabinet!
A Pooh baby whistle blower by Tomy for RM2 only! When Mommy gave to Juan Or to blow, Juan Or immediately liked it and kept on blowing!


smallkucing said...

Lucky Juan Or. I wish I can go too but too bad driver not free :(

Alice Law said...

Wah, the cookery set is cheap! How's the quality? QC, QA by CE?

Gonna drop by and get one for Juan Juan, that's her only favourite toy beside building blocks!

Alice Phua said...

Smallkucing, no choice loh, wait for Litt Tak's next round of sale loh! By the way, Litt Tak is somewhere on the way to my workplace, so it's convenient for me.

Alice Law, about the quality on whether it's by CE or not, I'm not sure because I already threw away the box, but I think probably Pa kept the box somewhere. Will find out from him about the box. Btw, when I went again on the 3rd day, the cookery set is all sold out! None left!

ChloeRuoyi said...

Wah... great buy. I really can't resist buying cheap toys too but always have no idea when and where got such warehouse sales!

Alice Phua said...

ChloeRuoyi, if you want to know when and where got warehouse sales, do check out my warehouse sale blog at or or or