Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Dutch Lady's Disney Hoopla! Roadshow at Jusco 1 Utama Shopping Centre

The centre stage of the Dutch Lady's Disney Hoopla! Roadshow

Of late, Mommy noticed that Dutch Lady has been advertising her Disney Hoopla! Roadshow in The Star newspaper, mentioning that the event is held from 21st November to 6th December 2009 in Jusco 1 Utama Shopping Centre (of course the roadshow was or will be held in AEON Seberang Prai, AEON Tebrau City and AEON Bukit Tinggi Klang). Dutch Lady also promises games and fun, plus a chance to win exciting prizes. Mommy, as usual, became curious about this event, so urged Papa to take us there on the Sunday that has just passed.

Turned out the main objective is to sell Dutch Lady 123 and 456 growing up milk powder plus other Disney Playhouse merchandise such as toys, school bags, feeding sets and stuff like that. The Dutch Lady 123 and 456 milk powder was sold at RM19.50 per pack of 1 kg - not the cheapest though! And to encourage people to buy something from the roadshow, Dutch Lady came up with this so-called interactive game(s) where you will have to purchase at least RM20 of Dutch Lady products in order to earn a 'Game Card' to qualify you to participate in their interactive game (Mommy saw some labyrinth-like structure which is most likely the setting for the interactive game). And if you purchase RM30 of Dutch Lady products, then you will earn a 'Game Card' plus a free photography shoot. One 'Game Card' only allows a one time participation in the interactive game. At the time Papa, Juan Or and Mommy were there, no game nor activity was going on yet.

While hanging around the roadshow area, Papa and Mommy managed to snap some photos of Juan Or together with his favourite Disney character, Mickey Mouse and then with a host of other decorative characters. However, Juan Or just couldn't keep still, so some photos turned out blur.

This levelling machine kiddy ride is just outside the borders of the roadshow. Juan Or managed to sneak some fun still-rides in it and later refused to come out!
Shortly after seeing the roadshow, we went window shopping with Juan Or sitting on the shopping cart. Not long after that (in less than just 30 minutes!), Juan Or already showed signs of tiredness, but luckily he wasn't fretting. Luckily Juan Or knew how to adapt himself by resting his head on the shopping cart's bar and enjoying the bumpy feeling as Mommy pushed the cart on the tile flooring!
This sideview photo was captured on Papa's handphone camera.

This top view was captured on Mommy's handphone camera.
So, in the end, did Mommy buy anything from the roadshow? Answer is no, main reason is because Mommy has already stocked up 12 packets of Dutch Lady 123 bought earlier (about 1 month plus ago) for RM17.99 per pack from Carrefour. And because of some hoo-haa issues later on by Juan Or's grandparents about wanting him to fully drink Pediasure instead of Dutch Lady 123, so the Dutch Lady stock is now left untouched in the storeroom. Anyone to help Mommy clear the stock? Hehehehe. The expiry date is in February 2011.


little prince's mummy said...

Nice outings!

Merryn said...

Yes, I've brought Ethan there already and he has been going there everyday since last week.. haaha.. he loves the games i think.. :D

smallkucing said...

you were there on sunday? what time? we were there around noon. But didnt went down to see coz was rushing off to somewhere else.

Alice Phua said...

Little prince's mummy, thanks for visiting!

MErryn, hahaha....children naturally love those kiddy setting!

Smallkucing, what a coincidence! Well, we arrived in 1 Utama at about 9.45 am, left the place at about 11.30am because Juan Or cannot tahan already....want to sleep already. Hehehe....well, see-loh, next time, if there is fate, we may bump into each other, and Juan Or and Joshua can see each other and be friends! ^ ^

Jack Ng said...

cute baby .... :P

ChloeRuoyi said...

I'm eyeing your stock, if no one else wants it. Chloe is on DL123 too but currently we also have about 12 packets in stock. Is Juan Or not eating well, since Pediasure is so strongly recommended for him?

evision said...