Monday, December 28, 2009

Juan Or the Sir-Lancelot-Wannabe

We were still in our new house after the visit to maternal grandparents' place. Meanwhile, Juan Or found a long cardboard roll which Papa had left behind after using the last bit of mosquito net for the windows. This was what Juan Or was up to - a Sir-Lancelot-wannabe!

"Yeh, Yeh! I, Sir Lancelot, have finally found my jousting stick!"

"Here I come to save the damsel in distress!"
"Aiiks, there's big dirt on the floor. I'll help Mama pick it up first before helping the damsel in distress, OK?"
"Ooops....turn myself around and the jousting stick ends up entangled with my legs!"


smallkucing said...

Aiyo...Alice, you must post more photo of Juan Or. He so big jor.

I just went to Sogo today

Got sale for kids baju at ground floor. the hytex baju rM5 is there too! And it's same price!

Some more air-cnd and got LRT. Easy for you to go.

There are other brand too. Checkout my blog tmw.

Alice Phua said...

Smallkucing, ok, will do whenever possible. ^ ^

Thanks for the sharing about Sogo sale. I told hubby about it, but Hubby says better don't because of New Year Eve celebration, many roads there will be closed and place can become crowded.