Thursday, December 17, 2009

Mickey (and Minnie) Mouse for Juan Or

Mommy both this pair of 24-inch Mickey ad Minnie Mouse from Tesco for RM49.90 each.

Mommy knows Juan Or has always liked Mickey Mouse. Probably Juan Or has already been watching a lot of Mickey Mouse cartoons at the babysitter's house. That was why last time (when Juan Or was about 8-12 months old) when Mommy asked him to pick out a Mickey Mouse figurine from among a heap of toys, he was able to do that correctly. But funnily though, Juan Or seems to enjoy watching Mickey Mouse in the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse rather than the conventional Mickey Mouse cartoons. If it's the clubhouse type, Juan Or will remain fixated for quite long, but if he watched the conventional type, he will fret!

A few days ago, Mommy saw Tesco selling 24-inch Mickey Mouse plush toy for RM49.90 which Tesco claims to be 50% of the market price. Mommy can't resist buying a pair of Mickey and Minnie Mouse although the toys are quite expensive, but Mommy consoled herself with the fact that Mommy saw Carrefour selling that size for RM120 about 1+ year ago! And then a few days later, Mommy saw Metrojaya selling the 17 inch one for RM59.90. Anyway, once Juan Or has outgrown playing with Mickey Mouse, the toys will end up as Mommy's collection of Disney plush toys in the glass showcase cabinet. Anyway, Mommy has always liked these Disney plush toys because Mommy never got the chance to have them when Mommy was young (parents can't afford it!).

So when Mommy took out Mickey Mouse for Juan Or, he was so happy - all smiles! He even hugged, kissed and buried his head onto Mickey Mouse! Later on, Mommy showed him Minnie Mouse. He still showed a happy face for it, but eventually, when both Mickey and Minnie were lying side by side, Juan Or still picked for Mickey! So looks like Mickey Mouse is still the main star! Well, personally, Mommy prefers Mickey than Minnie too, but somehow decided to buy a pair just to complete the 'collection'.

Here are snapshots of Juan Or enjoying his Mickey Mouse:

See how Juan Or squeezed Mickey's hand.....

.......squeezed Mickey's protruding snout.....

....and kissed Mickey on the nose! Ah, Juan Or loves Mickey Mouse!

Juan Or is enjoying Minnie too, though Mickey is his preferred one.


Merryn said...

:D There was a stage in Ethan's life when he so super loved Mickey too. I had to get him a Mickey too. Now.. he still love it, but not so much. Juan Or so cute.. Minnie pun mau! :D

Alice Law said...

24 inch I think it's quite worth it!

If Juan Juan liked soft toys I would also rush to grab 1 for her, unfortunately all the soft toys we bought for her pile up collecting dusts! :(

Mummy Moon said...

He loves love Mickey ! I like Mickey mouse too.