Monday, December 7, 2009

Juan Or on Temperamental Fasting

Yesterday (on Sunday), Mommy had a really hard time trying to get Juan Or to eat his main meals or drink his usual milk feeds. Was Juan Or on temperamental fasting? Or was he on hunger strike? People say African children (in famine places) have no food to eat because they don't have a choice - food is not available in the first place. It is not like they choose to go hungry. But for Juan Or, he seemed to want to go hungry by choice! Funny, isnt it? This was what transpired:

4.30am: Juan Or woke up from sleep and started playing.

5.30am: Juan Or asked for Mommy's permission to eat "Baby Bites" snack. Permission granted.

6.00am: Grandma deep-fried tapioca fries for breakfast. Juan Or ate few sticks of the fries.

6.30am: Mommy tried rocking Juan Or to sleep, but eventually he refused to sleep.

7.00am: Juan Or started fretting, pointing towards the television. So Mommy switched on the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD for him to watch.

8.00am: Grandma took Juan Or to babysitter's house for his morning milk feed. Juan Or refused to drink milk. So Grandma took him home again.

8.30am: Grandpa rocked Juan Or to sleep again and eventually he fell asleep.

11.30am: Juan Or woke up and Grandma took him to the babysitter's house for milk feeding again. Again, Juan Or refused to drink.

12.00pm: Papa went out to buy lunch. Papa bought 'mamak' food - rice with mutton rendang, squid and sting-ray curry. Very spicy and tasty. Meanwhile, Mommy bathed Juan Or.

12.30pm: Mommy started eating the food that Papa bought. Tried giving some white rice (Juan Or loves to eat white rice!) but he refused to eat. So Mommy tried giving some rice stained with the curry gravy (Juan Or loves spicy food!) and again he refused to eat.

1.00pm: Grandpa went out to buy porridge for his lunch. Once back home, Grandpa aliquot a small portion of it for Juan Or, tried feeding him and again he refused to eat! Grandma tried feeding him porridge too, still he refused to eat!

1.30pm: Mommy took out Calci-yum (children's yogurt with 2 times calcium of normal milk) from the refrigerator and offered it to Juan Or. Wah, he finished it within 5 minutes!

2.00pm: Grandpa rocked Juan Or to sleep again.

5.30pm: Juan Or woke up from sleep and Grandma took him to the babysitter's house for milk feed. This time, he gulped down his milk quickly and without fuss! Juan Or returned home and started playing and disturbing people.

7.30pm: Mommy ate dinner. Mommy also gave some white rice for Juan Or to eat. This time, he didn't reject eating, but neither did he eat a lot.

9.00pm: Grandpa took Juan Or to the babysitter's house for another milk feed. Same thing - Juan Or drank everything quickly and without fuss! Later, Papa gave him some cheese bread to which he ate only a little.

10.15pm: Mommy asked Juan Or whether he wanted to eat Calci-yum. Juan Or immediately nodded his head as he answered,"Ai! (Want!)." Same thing, he finished his Calci-yum within just 5 minutes!

10.30pm: Mommy changed Juan Or's diaper, brushed his teeth and finally rocked him to sleep!

End of the day for Juan Or and Mommy!

So what's the conclusion about Juan Or's eating habit? Looks like Calci-yum is the only food that appeals to him anytime, regardless of whether he is or is not choosy about his food for a particular day! Hehehe.....and thanks to mNhL for giving Mommy the idea to use Calci-yum as snack for Juan Or. Juan Or obviously loves this yogurt so much that he didn't once reject it although Mommy gave him to eat it everyday, but only once a day during the night.

Juan Or's favourite - Calci-yum!

Ah, here's Calci-yum coming!


By the way, Juan Or's favourite Calci-yum flavour is vanilla. As for price watch of Calci-yum, a pack of 8 units is sold for RM8.19 (per pack) at The Store, RM7.59 at Central Supermarket (near Old Klang Road), RM6.49 at Giant (promotion price) and RM6.39 at Carrefour (normal price). Thus, cheapest so far is from Carrefour. As for Tesco, Mommy does not know the price yet.


Alice Law said...

Pity mommy, when a child had any temperamental ailment normally the mother suffered the most!

Anyway, kids are smart! They won't starve themselves for too long... eventually they will eat, LOL!

Hope all the best for you and Juan Or, good luck!

smallkucing said...

Has all his teeth come out? If not, maybe due to teething?

Alice Phua said...

ALice Law, thsnks! It's very frustrating when child refuses food!

Smallkucing, not all teeth out yet. So far, for both top and bottom jaws, front part all out including the Dracula teeth. Maybe, very possible also.

Serline said...

I had the same experience recently when Narelle wasn't eating much, very frustrating in the beginning but suspected that maybe she's teething. So now I just leave the fruits on the table and let her eat at her own pace.