Monday, December 21, 2009

The Secret Garden at Rooftop, 1 Utama Shopping Centre (New Wing)

The small banner in the lift directing visitors to 'The Secret Garden'.

Yesterday, Papa and Mommy took Juan Or to 1 Utama Shopping Centre to see the shopping mall's Christmas decoration. After feasting our eyes with those Christmasy thingy, Papa spotted one signboard near a lift indicating 'The Secret Garden' at the Rooftop of the shopping mall. Hey, that's something new! So Papa said let's go and see it! So we hopped into the lift and Mommy also noticed another small 'Secret Garden' banner in the lift itself directing people to take the lift to Level UR (Upper Roof). The banner also indicates that the Secret Garden is only opened on weekends from 10am to 6pm and admission is free.

Finally we reached the Secret Garden and lo and behold, the garden is indeed a beautiful and cosy one! There are many varieties of plants and garden trees, cacti and even exotic plant species. The garden has a very homely feel (in Mommy's opinion) with labyrinth-like pathway for you to walk and enjoy the green sight. Only thing was that because it rained earlier, so the pathway was wet and slippery for a walking toddler. In fact, Juan Or slipped and fell several times, but luckily he was not at all bothered by that!

OK, Mommy shouldn't be writing so much already because a picture tells a thousand words. Here you go!

A scene of the garden.

Look who's there! It's Papa and Juan Or at the cacti roundabout.

Another side of the cacti roundabout.

"Hey, Juan Or! Don't you run away! Mommy wants to take a picture of you!"

What's going on between Juan Or and Papa? Juan Or was instructing Papa how to pose, perhaps?


Juan Or looked quite reluctant to pose for the camera.

Juan Or and Mommy at the cacti roundabout.

A unique plant, but don't know what's the name.

Another scene of the garden.

Mommy also captured a video of Juan Or walking along the labyrinth-like garden pathway looking for his Papa:


smallkucing said...

Wah...Alice, you are the best la. Can find secret garden in a shopping complex. I didnt know they have one. Thank you very much for sharing wor.

Juan Or can walk so fast and full of confindence! Good for him!

Maxi said...

Hello Alice!

Long time to hear! hope all is well with you.

Wow! your baby boy's a bit bigger now. time flies, huh? he is so cute!

and the garden is so pretty! wish I could go there and visit one day!

tried to follow you on twitter but can't find your usernamen. my username is maryannemax. you can follow me if you want and i'll follow back.

miss you by the way!

Alice Phua said...

Smallkucing, no-lah, actually it was my hubby who spotted it, not me. Hahaha....I kept on looking at Juan Or until got no time to really look here, look there. I think if I go jalan with Juan Or alone I would have missed it too.

Maxi, hi, welcome back! Oh, yes, time indeed flies, I also feel like he's growing up so fast! ^ ^
I have already followed you on Twitter since we last linked up on each other's blog. And I know you are following me on twitter too, so no worries. My username is alicephua. Miss you too!

Maxi said...

hello Alice! it's me again visiting!

hope you are doing well and that Juan is staying cute! hihihi. i really love looking at the photos. will check the video again tomorrow.