Thursday, August 20, 2009

It's the Litt Tak Toys Warehouse Sale Again!

Yay! It's the Litt Tak Toys Warehouse sale again! For the past 3 days, Mommy was attending a scientific conference (that's why Mommy had been so quiet for the past 3 days!) held in Saujana Hotel, Subang Jaya. On the final day, which is today, the scientific conference ended earlier (but not too early either if you factor in the time for getting stuck at the Federal Highway traffic jam!), so Mommy dropped by at Litt Tak to see what's in store.

When Mommy reached Litt Tak, it was already late afternoon and there was no crowd at all. The parking is free because it is an SMI area, so Mommy merely parked at the side of the road. There is only one cashier counter and credit card is only accepted for transactions worth RM50 and above. The kinds of toys sold in Litt Tak are Power Rangers, Tomy, some Disney infant and children toys, China-made toys and those Japanese robot toys such as Ban Dai and Gundam. Here are what Mommy saw:

(The entrance to the Litt Tak. Notice there are boxes of toys at the corridor.)

(A closer view of the boxes of toys at the corridor. The wobbly-head figurines/toys at the lower box costs RM20 each.)

(Some funny Japanese figurine toys, each at RM10.)

(This Thomas and Friends sets costs RM120 each.)

(Tomy's Disney 'masak-masak' set with toy vegetables, each at RM15.)

(Ultraman figurines of about 8 inches tall, each at RM22.)

(Power Rangers robot at about 4.5 inches tall at RM5.)

(Tricycle for toddlers, made of plastic, each at RM50 which is not cheap!)

(Gundam self-assembled robots, more as collector's item, each selling for at least RM50, if not mistaken.)

(More wobbly-head figurines/toys, each at RM25.)

(Rattles meant to be worn at the wrist for infants, each at RM1, which is very cheap! The brand is Tomy.)

(Another 'masak-masak' playset, meant to look like non-stick cookware, selling for RM15.)

So what did Mommy get for Juan Or this time? Ta-dah, here they are!

(A press-button musical keyboard with songs and animal sound, RM8.)

(A Power Ranger toy handphone, RM10, with robotic music when the buttons are pressed. Mommy thought this must be suitable for Juan Or now that Juan Or's latest craze is the handphone. Unfortunately, Juan Or has no interest in Mommy's spoilt handphone because it has no 'life'. But of course Mommy dare not let him handle Mommy's old monotone Nokia handphone because he has the habit of throwing the handphone onto the floor!)

(Disney's Mickey Mouse pop-up toy at RM9. The brand is Playwell.)

(DIY tools playset at RM13 - boy's version of 'masak-masak' set. By the way, the tools look like real.)


Nilofer said...

Such a cute blog!

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smallkucing said...

aisey....i missed out the sale again *sob*sob*sob*

really good buy la for you...jealousnya

Merryn said...

i want that last one.. the boy's masak masak set!!! awww...

Ai-Ling said...

JO must be really, really happy with all the toys that you got for him :D

smallkucing said...

just in case u r interested

Alice Phua said...

Nilofer, thanks for the compliments! OK, will do! :-)

Smallkucing, haha..good buy is good buy, but when I came back home, my hubby asked me why I keep on buying toys (in a disapproving manner) for Juan Or! Thanks for sharing info about the BookFest...saw the ad too in newspaper, but won't be going this time.

Merryn, I think your son will appreciate the tools set better than Juan Or because your son is much older already. Juan Or plays them by putting them into his mouth! Hai-ya!

Ai-Ling, yes, Juan Or is very happy with the toys, but his atttention span on the toys is for short while only. Once he loses interest, he will shove the toys aside. But luckily when I offer him the same toys some other time, he shows interest again. If not, then it will only be a waste of my hard-earned money...hehehe.

little prince's mummy said...

Wow! Many toys toys!

smallkucing said...

Aiyo...the toys such a good bargain. Tell him, even if ot out eat 1 KFC meal the price is more than that la. Moreover, Juan Or will play with it and learn.Not a waste

cheeyee said...

Wah new toys for Juan Or again? So lucky.

I'm not a fan of warehouse sales. As I don't like crowded place. :)