Sunday, August 9, 2009

Buying Things for Juan Or (Again!) at Hytex Warehouse Sale (1st August-13th September 2009, weekends only)

Today, Mommy managed to persuade Papa to drive Mommy to Kepong for the Hytex Warehouse Sale. As most of Mommy's close mommy bloggers will have known, Papa is not a fan of warehouse sale because warehouse sales tend to be crowded and parkings are difficult to find. So Mommy was quite surprised that Papa agreed but Papa did caution Mommy about the risk of Juan Or crying in the car due to disturbed sleep or lack of sleep.

To go to Hytex in Kepong, Papa used the Jalan Kuching way. Since it was a Sunday, there was no traffic-jam at all, so we reached there just within 30 to 40 minutes' drive from Sri Petaling. However, 10 minutes before arriving at Hytex, Juan Or started to doze off. So Papa merely parked the car at the main road off Hytex and suggested that Mommy walk there to do the 'shopping' while Papa stayed in the car with Juan Or who was still sleeping. So all Mommy had to do was to shift Juan Or away from Mommy's lap as slowly as possible without waking him up and then placed him back onto Mommy's car seat with the backrest reclined. Luckily, Juan Or remained asleep after all the shifting!

(Sleep, Juan Or, sleep!)

After that, Mommy walked into Hytex. At a glance, there was no crowd at about 10.15 am, and there's also no banner indicating the warehouse sale. Basically, the warehouse sale is divided into 3 sections: baby/toddler, children and adult clothes. There are 2 cashier counters dedicated to the baby/toddler section only whereas the children and adult sections share the same cashier counters. Only cash terms are accepted - no credit cards allowed.

(The Hytex factory)

(The chidren clothes section.)

(This warehouse sale is not crowded.)

(The baby/toddler section somehow has more customers than the children and adult clothes sections.)

(Here's the rack for Winnie the Pooh toddler T-shirts and shorts, sold at RM5 per piece.)

How are the prices? Basically, the prices are the same as last time. Most of the items offered are the same as the previous time, except for Winnie the Pooh toddler T-shirts which are of different designs now. Other notable changes in the baby/toddler section are:

  • the non-spill sippy cup is no longer offered now, instead the food grinder container (RM5) is. However, in Mommy's opinion, the food grinder container is more of a gimmick plastic container which claims to allow food grinding to be done in the container itself. Apparently, it merely has a rough patch of surface to allow you to have more 'grip' when smashing the food!

  • there are way lesser toddler shoes on sale now although prices remain the same as last time. Mommy only spotted one new design put up for sale, but the design is similar to one of the toddler shoe designs offered last time.

  • no more cheap small bottle baby toiletries on sale this time, but the Looney Tunes family bath (1 litre for RM10) is on sale.

  • on the whole, the variety of things offered this time is much more limited (and in smaller quantities) compared to last time.

  • for the cloth type of baby car seat which is hung over the adult car seat, the price is now lowered to RM10 (last time was RM15; My Dear was selling for RM46!)

For prices of other baby/toddler items, please see here because the prices remain the same.

Here are the things that Mommy bought for Juan Or from this time's Hytex Sale:

(Three Winnie the Pooh toddler T-shirts for age 3, each for RM5, and a plain toddler shorts for RM1.)

(This baby pillow comes with a pillow cover, costs RM5. Mommy noticed that the Looney Tunes tag indicated that the pillow is made in Suzhou, China).

(Disney checked shorts, both for age 4, each at RM3 only! Very cheap! Mommy saw from the old price tags that it was originally sold for RM23.90!)


Broccoli Ginger said...

This time at least you grab something! :)

mNhL said...

Very cheap....RM5 and RM1 for children clothings. If only Seremban have this kind of warehouse sales....i don't mind the crowd. hehe...

smallkucing said...

Good buys especially the Disney checked shorts.