Monday, August 3, 2009

Free Kiddy Rides at Giant Bandar Kinrara

Yesterday, Mommy told Papa that Mommy has to go to a Guardian store to buy Pediasure because Guardian was holding a 2-day sale selling 2 tins of Pediasure (900 g each) for RM109.00. And if Mommy used the CIMB credit card on Sunday to make purchases in Guardian, Mommy would enjoy a 5% rebate, which meant that Mommy actually had to pay only RM103.55 or RM51.78 per tin. That's still cheaper than paying RM53.90 per tin of Pediasure in Chinese medical hall, but of course is still not as cheap as RM50 per tin offered by Carrefour last time. So Papa decided to take Mommy to the Guardian store in Giant Bandar Kinrara.

After making the Pediasure purchase (Mommy bought 4 tins!), we went window shopping in Giant and then headed for the highest floor where there is a kids' playland. Now that Juan Or is already able to walk, Mommy was eager to see Juan Or's response at the playland.

The first item Mommy brought Juan Or to play was the spring-rocking animal. The distance between the handle bar and the seat was a little far apart, but still manageable for Juan Or. It's just that Mommy had to keep a watchful eye on him in case he slipped down - to which he did, but luckily his hands were still holding the handle bar, so he did not really fall. Watch this video:


After the spring-rocking animal, Papa signalled to Mommy to quickly bring Juan Or to a kiddy ride car that was still moving. Papa actually 'booked' the kiddy car after a little girl left the car. This particular kiddy car has no coin box near it, so it was free, but the car didn't have any accompanying music. Who cares? What more can you ask for since it's free, right? That was when Mommy realized that Giant Bandar Kinrara's playland actually offers free kiddy rides. Watch Juan Or 'driving' the F1 kiddy car:


After the F1 kiddy car ride, Mommy took Juan Or to play the playland structures. Juan Or was a little uncertain at first when climbing up the stairs, but once there, he loosened up a bit but Mommy can still feel some awkwardness in him moving along the play structures - no wonder because this was his first time.

After coming down from the play structures, Papa told Mommy that apparently the other kiddy rides neighbouring to the F1 kiddy car are free as well. At one glance, you can see a coin box-like thing next to the kiddy rides, but turned out they are all free to ride on! All you have to do is just press a button on the body of the kiddy ride and voila, it moves! So there you have it, Juan Or gets to ride two other kiddy rides for free - one is a car with accompanying music and another is a friendly crocodile.




smallkucing said...

cute :) kekeke

Merryn said...

I oso want to go Giant Kinrara like dat! You know, every weekend, I spend almost RM20 for Ethan's ride!!!!

mNhL said...

The 1st video gave me a SHOCKED! Luckily Juan Or holds to the handle. Giant in Segamat, Johor also provides free kiddie ride. YX had been enjoying himself there when he was with my parents. However, now he dare not to ride when the machine moves. Wonder why....

Cynthia said...

he really enjoy lor.. and peang eh, the first one when he drop, my heart also drop together ah!

Alice Phua said...

Smallkucing, thanks for watching Juan Or's videos!

Merryn, yes, I think this is good opportunity for Ethan to get long kiddy rides without burning a hole in your purse! :-)

mNhL and Cynthia, hehehe....I can understand why both of you were's pure mother instinct! :-)

Serline said...

Let you in on a secret... your great bargain hunting skills remind me of my hubby. He's the one constantly sniffing out bargains and mentally comparing prices of everything. I'm more of an impulsive buyer. Hee hee!

Alice Phua said...

Serline, thanks for letting me in on a secret! Well...can't help it, in nowadays economic situation, prices of things increase at a much faster rate than salary increment. What to do!?