Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Learning to Climb Down the Stairs

All the while, Juan Or only knows how to climb up the stairs. Today is the first time Juan Or showed desire to climb down the stairs himself. At first, he used both his hands to hold the stairs railing while climbing down. Later as the stairs turn, and fearing he cannot handle the turn, Grandma held his right hand while his left hand continued holding the stairs railing as his legs stepped down. Judging from the way Juan Or climbed down (and his body language), Mommy can tell that Juan Or already felt like a 'pro' coming down the stairs with only one hand holding the railing! Of course deep down inside, Mommy knows obviously Juan Or still needs adult's guidance and supervision when coming down the stairs. Watch this video of Juan Or coming down the stairs with Grandma holding his right hand. Mommy only thought of capturing him on video after he had almost reached the bottom of the stairs.


mNhL said...

one day you will find yourself busy following him up and down the stairs!

MeRy said...

Good job...very soon he will be super busy at home.

smallkucing said... niece goes down buttock first..hahaha