Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Night's Out Without Juan Or

Remember how Mommy joined the Nuffnang's District 9 Contest for Glitterati members? Well, Mommy won a pair of District 9's Premiere Screening movie tickets! So, on 12th August 2009 (i.e., on the day Juan Or turned exactly 1 year 3 months old), after coming back from work, took bath and ate dinner, and of course saying goodbye to Juan Or (Juan Or was cool about it, surprisingly!), Papa and Mommy headed to Cathay Cineplex Damansara (formerly Cineleisure, Kota Damansara) at about 6.45 pm (the show started at 9 pm), hoping to be able to beat the traffic jam to reach there in time. So Mommy did the driving because Papa cannot stand driving in traffic jams. However, the surprising thing was the roads were all smooth and clear - no traffic jams at all! So Mommy thought this must be the sign that the day was meant to be that both Papa and Mommy get to watch a movie! What's more, Mommy won this pair of tickets out of 60 pairs of tickets out for grabs and there were 256 blogger participants vying for it!

By almost 7.40 pm, Papa and Mommy reached Cathay Cineplex Damansara and immediately headed to the cinema's lobby to collect the free movie tickets. Nuffnang had informed Mommy that the Nuffnang booth would only start giving out the free tickets from 8.00 to 8.45 pm. So, turned out, Mommy was the first Nuffanger in line. After getting the tickets, Papa and Mommy walked to Ikano Power Centre to browse some shops there and by almost 9 pm, we were back at the cinema's lobby. Then Mommy noticed that apparently the movie ticket stated that the show would only start at 9.30 pm, so Papa and Mommy decided to just hang around the vicinity because 30 minutes was definitely insufficient time to browse some more shops. The waiting time was very boring and noisy as well because there was an indoor dodgeball match going on. At one stage, Mommy noticed Papa's eyes almost closed. Then when Papa woke up again, Papa reminded Mommy not to join this kind of contest anymore as we do not have the kind of energy and alertness to rush to a shopping complex after work and stay up late to watch a movie. Hahaha....we are no longer in our twenties anymore!

Finally, we were allowed to enter the movie hall and shortly after the movie started. The initial part of the movie was rather boring - there were certain moments when Mommy accidentally dozed off and woke up, and dozed off and woke up again until when the moview almost reached the middle, then did things and action start to pick up. That was when Papa and Mommy, no matter how tired, couldn't help staying alert and awake to watch it because the movie became exciting and action-packed. In a nutshell, District 9 is about a district where aliens, who are stranded on Earth, are designated to stay. Later on, the government assigned a young man to execute the relocation of the aliens. During the process of relocation, the young man was spurt with some alien liquid and as a result, some DNA transformation happened, causing him to gradually turn into an alien. During the time when he was still half human and half alien, the government actually used him as experimental subject to operate and research on alien weapons (the government was already secretly using aliens as experimental subjects then, which cost the lives of many aliens.). He was against such deeds, so he escaped as the government hunted him down. So he seeked solace and shelter in District 9, where he 'befriended' an alien who happened to be one of those intelligent and master mind type of alien. So he made a deal with the alien that he will help the alien to go back to their place of origin and the alien in turn must heal him completely to become a human again. But before the alien could go back and heal him, he must get back the canister of liquid (that spilt on him, rememeber?) which is now in the government's keeping. Finally, he got the canister of liquid and after some scuffle with government soldiers, the alien managed to get into his spaceship to go back home (together with the alien baby), while he stayed behind to use the alien weapons to fight back the government soldiers. And the alien promised to come back to Earth to change him back into a human again (is the producer hinting that they are going to come out with a sequel to this movie?). By the time the show ended, the man had already fully turned into a full-fledged alien.

Although Mommy enjoyed watching the movie, but during the course of the movie, Mommy can't help thinking about Juan Or. Some questions kept running in Mommy's mind: Is Juan Or happily playing with his Grandparents and Second Uncle? Is Juan Or sleeping already? Is Juan Or OK with Papa and Mommy going out without him at night? Anyway, by the time, we reached home, it was already 11.30 pm and Juan Or was already sleeping soundly in the spring cot. Mommy asked Father-in-law how was Juan Or when we were not in and Father-in-law's reply was that Juan Or was happily playing all the way until it was time to sleep. Mommy heaved a sigh of relief.

By the way, Mommy didn't capture any photos during the movie outing because the day before, Mommy's Motorola handphone went short-circuit due to leaking battery. So the handphone is spoilt already and is now a play item for Juan Or. Mind you, Mommy only bought the handphone some one-and-a-half years ago for RM499! What a waste! What to do! Tonight, Mommy is buying a new handphone so that Mommy can continue to capture Juan Or's candid moments and put them up in this blog.


Cynthia said...

congratulation of the win, and finally able to spend some two people world hah.. :)

cheeyee said...

Good that you have someone to take care Juan Or for you. I can only manage to go for movie one or twice a year, and have to special arrange the kids to my parents.

smallkucing said...


Alice Phua said...

Cynthia and Small kucing, thanks!

Cheeyee, well, if I'm not staying with my in-laws, I also have to do the same as you. ^ ^