Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Joyride Trip to Kuala Selangor (Part 2)

After having seafood lunch at Restoran Tian Wai Tian, we headed off to a newly built (and beautiful and colourful!) Chinese temple which we saw along the way to the restaurant. Here are some snapshots of the Chinese temple:

(Colourful Chinese temples with cave structures)

(Front entrance)

(Chinese paintings on the wall)

(Cave-like structure of the deity's altar. But Papa and Mommy do not know what deity is that.)

(Carving of a deity on the wall.)

(One of the side deity sculpture at the roof structure of the temple)

(Juan Or and Papa at the front part of the temple)

("Hey, Juan Or! Don't run away! Come take your photo first!")

There was one notable thing though, happening to Juan Or at the temple. When Mommy walked down the stairs of the cave structure to leave the temple (of course carrying Juan Or as well), Juan Or fretted and cried, and kept pointing his forefinger at the upstairs direction, as if not wanting to leave the temple. And Juan Or cried all the way while walking back to the car. This made Papa and Mommy wonder whether Juan Or 'has fate' with the deity of this temple? Or Juan Or's past live has something to do with this temple's deity? Mommy can't help wondering about Juan Or's reaction although Mommy is a Christian.

(Juan Or was crying and struggling while coming down the stairs that leads to the cave structure of the temple. This photo was taken when Mommy and Juan Or were about halfway down the stairs.)

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