Sunday, March 21, 2010

Domestic Accident

Last night, Juan Or met with a domestic accident that left him with bruises on and near his lips.

This was what transpired that night as told by Papa. Mommy was downstairs taking a bath while Papa was upstairs watching television in the bedroom. Juan Or was in the same room with Papa and playing by himself. Juan Or stepped onto his kiddy car to reach for the doorknob. And just one split second before Papa could even stop him, the kiddy car moved and Juan Or fell down flat on the face!

This was where the accident happened.

Turned out too, it was a bloody fall. Juan Or cried at screeching pitch. Papa quickly carried him downstairs. Mommy had just come out from the bathroom and could see Juan Or's mouth all covered with blood. Even his singlet T-shirt had blood. Mommy quickly took him to the bathroom to wash away the excess blood. The washing was difficult to do as Juan Or was struggling and crying very loudly. The bleeding went on and Juan Or was all drenched wet. Mommy then used a kitchen towel paper to dap his face and blood dry. Then his Second Uncle (i.e., younger brother to Papa) took some ice cubes wrapped in handkerchief to dap onto his lips. The ice didn't do much to help as Juan Or was still crying like mad. Finally, we decided to stop dabbing and soon his cries ceased. However, there were still traces of wet blood and sometimes when he moved his mouth, his lips started bleeding again. Then his Second Uncle started dabbing the ice cubes again and again Juan Or cried loudly. Looks like Juan Or hates being dapped with something on his hurt lips. So Mommy told him not to dab with ice anymore and asked him to hand Juan Or to Mommy so that Mommy could change his clothes which were all wet and stained with blood. With Mommy telling Second Uncle not to dab anymore ice on Juan Or led to a protest by Second Uncle that dabbing ice onto a wound is the right thing to do to stop bleeding and insisted that Mommy should wait till he has calmed down before changing his clothes. A quarrel resulted between Mommy and Second Uncle but Mommy went ahead with changing Juan Or's clothes (both grandparents were not around at that time). Immediately after changing, Juan Or's cries stopped and this led to Mommy's conviction that it was the dabbing on hurt lips that caused him to start crying again (and of course the wound to stretch and bleed again). On the other hand, Papa kept on asking Mommy whether it was necessary to send Juan Or to the hospital to which Mommy said it was not neccessary since it was just some small wound. By the way, Mommy at the age of about 4 years, also had a similar accident where Mommy was swinging and climbing on a dressing table and ended up banging the bed's wooden frame straight onto the lips. Mommy recalled the whole incident, despite being bloody, had not gone to the clinic or hospital. Home treatment was all Mommy had.

Mommy decided to just let Juan Or's wound remain untouched and the blood stain or wound to dry by itself. Mommy finds that bleeding stops faster this way. Then Papa and Mommy took him upstairs to our bedroom to occupy him with activities to help him forget about the accident. Mommy was still feeling angry and bothered about the fuss that Second Uncle kicked up with but Papa told Mommy to just let go and ignore it since the rest of the household members are the 'masters of the house' (which is why we are moving out soon!).

That night, Juan Or's sleeping pattern was very erratic - waking up once in every half hour to an hour and crying or fretting as well, probably due to the painful lips. And don't know for what reason or could it be due to gas accumulation in the stomach from excessive crying, Juan Or vomitted out the water he drank about half an hour ago. And this vomitting episode didn't just happen once, it went on for three times even without him crying prior to the vomitting. Luckily, by 4 am, the vomitting episode ended, and for the first time that night, he slept through for two straight hours. By the time he woke up at about 6 am, Papa already woke up and offered to bring him to the Bukit Jalil park (just to let him forget about the accident and discomfort). Juan Or was indeed very happy at the park, but was very manja (pampered) - wanting to be carried most of the time.

Once back from the park, Mommy rocked him to sleep again (that time was already 8 am). Grandpa offered to do the rocking, so Mommy took the opportunity to sleep ( yes, Mommy was downright tired!) till Juan Or woke up again at near 10 am. After that, for the rest of the day (Sunday), Juan Or looks OK already - happily playing, eating and interacting, and no more vomitting.


mNhL said...

Gosh! that sure hurt! If I were you, I will become panick and sure send him to the doctor. haha...i cannot tolerate bleeding and whatmore not sure if the cut is minor or major. Hope the wound will heal fast.

Cynthia said...

poor Juan Or.. good thing is that he is all himself again the next day..

Sheoh Yan said...

Don't be mad at the second uncle of Juan Or, he had good intention. Just that have to calm down Juan Or first, then only slowly approach he and dab his lips with ice cubes.

prince n princess mum said...


smallkucing said...

Must've have gave you a bad scare.

Do be careful in the event of Jun Or continue to vomit coz might be a sign of concussion.

take care and hope he heal soon

Alice Law said...

Poor Juan Or, must be really in shock!

Generally guys are unreliable in terms of child care(This specially refer to the LOKs')... the other day Kwang offered to "escort" Juan Juan for a nap, while I took care of lil bro downstair. After 2 hrs+, I went to "sport check" them in the room. I found Kwang was sleeping soundly on the bed but there was no sign of Juan Juan, then I caught her red handed all drenched playing water in the bathroom!! When I woke him up, he was so blur and didn't even feel sorry for what had happened... Grrr!

p/s: If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow. (Chinese proverb)

Alice Phua said...

mNhL, Cynthia, Prince n Princess Mum, and Small kucing, thanks for your concern! :-) Yes, Juan Or is ll himself again already by Sunday afternoon and on Sunday night, his sleeping pattern has gone back to normal. On Monday, the babysitter said he's able to eat normally and not picky with food.

Sheoh Yan, ya, agree he has good intention. Only thing is that what irks me most is when he started raising his voice to attack on my wanting to change Juan Or's clothes just becos I told him to stop dabbing ice. After all doesn't he notice Juan Or will start crying again every time the dabbing starts again?

Alice Law, hehehe...yes, I'm aware of this Chinese proverb and have practised this since I joined the Lok household, but I must admit I'm reaching my limits already. "Even Buddha can finally loose his cool". When Juan Or first came along, I thought I have lots of rooms for patience and tolerance, but little do I know that the know-it-all attitude/comments/remarks and even baseless accusations they made plus uninvited interference on how I should bring Juan Or up are slowly eating me up.

cheeyee said...

OMG! Sounds like serious cut, but Juan Or seems to recover fast on the following day? Hope the cut is healed by now.

Alice Phua said...

Cheeyee, as of today, the wound just outside his lips are rather unnoticeable now. But for the blister on the inner part of his lower lip, Juan Or still won't let me check it. He will start to retreat everytime I wanted to touch his lips.