Friday, March 26, 2010

Learning to Wear Japanese-styled Rubber Slippers

Long time ago, when Mommy was just one to two months before giving birth to Juan Or, Mommy saw Tesco sold a pair of Japanese-styled rubber slippers for only RM1.90 or RM1.50 (can't remember). That price was very cheap so Mommy bought it as preparation for Juan Or's toddlerhood.

After sitting in storage for slightly less than two years, finally Mommy decided to take it out to try on Juan Or. Turned out, his feet are just the right size for the slippers! Had Mommy taken it out later, Juan Or's feet would have overgrown the slippers.

The first time Mommy wore the slippers on Juan Or, he didn't quite know how to control his feet in such a way that when he walks, the slippers won't slip out. Everytime Mommy fitted the slippers onto his tiny feet, the slippers slipped out immediately when he started walking! Then few weeks later, Mommy happened to see this cute pair of blue hippopotamus plush indoor slippers sold in The Store Sri Petaling for RM5 only (it was Baby Fair and is still on now). Mommy just can't resist buying it since it's so cute and cheap. This hippo indoor slipper has garters at the heel to help secure little feet in the slippers. Turned out, walking on the hippo slippers was good practice for Juan Or to walk with the Japanese-styled rubber slippers!
The cute pair of plush hippopotamus indoor slippers for RM5 only! Mommy had wanted to take a video of Juan Or wearing this but was always unsuccessful because either the handphone was not conveniently around or by the time the handphone was ready, Juan Or refused to wear it!

So the following weekend, when Papa and Mommy brought Juan Or to visit our new house (where the Japanese-styled rubber slippers are put), Juan Or don't seem to have anymore problem walking with the Japanese slippers. The slippers don't slip out easily from his little feet anymore unless he is lifting his leg high to cross a barrier, like this video:

But then, if Juan Or is to put on the slippers himself, then that can be quite a problem. ^ ^


smallkucing said...


J also no problem wearing slipper

辰原 said...

當我微笑時,世界和我一起微笑;當我快樂時,世界和我一起活躍。 ..................................................

Sheoh Yan said...

Very cute hippo shoes.

Alice Phua said...

Smallkucing, :-D

(Chinese author), sorry I can't respond to you appropriately because I don't know how to read Chinese.

Sheoh Yan, hehehe...that's why I see cannot tahan want to buy! :P

prince n princess mum said...

Cute slippers...

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Alice, you sure have one real cute baby there. Can see where baby has his attractive looks from.

Looking at the cute baby shoes, reminds me of a couple of friends...the day their wives gave birth, they bought three of the local papers, and had it sealed, unopened in a plastic box.
As well every year till 6 years old adding either a pair of outgrown baby shoes, a dress or a toy.
As well some baby pics.

Then when their daughter, son celebrates hers, his 21st birthday, the parents presented to them.
With words, "on the day you were born,....".

You have a great weekend and keep a song in your heart, best regards, Lee.

Alice Law said...

Nice and very cheap hippo shoes, Juan Juan loves shoes, but she doesn't like slippers.

Can see Juan Or really enjoyed wearing slipper, have fun with your slipper Juan Or! :)

Mom Daughter Style said...

nice mommy blog and such cute slippers

Alice Phua said...

Prince and Princess Mum, thanks! :-)

Uncle Lee, are really flattering me! Ohhh, if I am the child who has reached 21st birthday and being presented with such sentimental baby objects that I used to wear or play during my early childhood, I will have tears in my eyes. Do have many great days ahead, Uncle Lee! :-)

Alice Law, yes, it's cheap and there were not many left. Whenever Juan Or turned to a page in one of his baby books that has such slipper illustration, he will exclaim excitedly and then point at the hippo slippers and ask me to wear it for him.

Mom Daughter Style, thanks! :-)