Monday, March 1, 2010

Juan Or on the 2nd Day of Chinese New Year 2010

On the 2nd day of Chinese New Year 2010, Papa, Mommy and Juan Or took a trip down to Klang to visit Mommy's side of people.

Our first destination was to Juan Or's maternal Grandma's house. As soon as we stepped into the house's porch, Juan Or was hesitant and showed a fretful face, but surprisingly when in the house already, Juan Or regained his usual composure. This was really a big improvement compared to how he would usually react when going into unfamiliar territory! Last time (till last month), Juan Or would cry continuously whenever we go to people's house except for public places. We had our lunch there as well where Grandma cooked porridge that contained seaweed, chopped beancurd, carrots and dried shrimp. Mommy was surprised too that Juan Or willingly ate quite a lot of the porridge even though he was in unfamiliar place. Here are some snapshots at Grandma's house:

Juan Or with his trademark frowny face whenever he knows someone is taking a photo of him.

Juan Or in another pose on the same chair.

Here's Juan Or posing with Papa.

Our next destination was to make a brief visit to Juan Or's paternal Grandpa who happened not to be around in the same house as Grandma but was staying at the other house in Pandamaran during CNY. Grandma had requested Mommy to take a container of the porridge for Grandpa to eat. This would be Juan Or's first time going into the Pandamaran house which Mommy had stayed partially from age 9 till 24 years. Surprisingly Juan Or didn't cry too when Mommy took him into the house which is definitely an unfmiliar place for Juan Or. Unfortunately, Mommy forgot to snap some photos there.

Our last destination was to Juan Or's maternal Great-grandma's house which is in Pandamaran also. Initially, Juan Or was fretful when we were about to enter the house's compound but he soon cheered up when we entered the house because he saw Mommy's young cousins (ages 8 and 10) playing with their remote control helicopters! By the way, Juan Or loves the presence of other children, so that probably helped a lot in keeping him from being fretful in an unfamiliar place. Thanks to Mommy's cousins and thankfully they are still in their childhood too! ^ ^ Some snapshots of Juan Or at Great-grandma's house:

This photo was taken in Great-grandma's bedroom. By the way, Great-grandma is 87 years old and is already confined to the bed.

Juan Or was fascinated by the remote control toy helicopter. The hand that held the helicopter was Juan Or's Lau Ku's (maternal Granduncle) hand who is the father of Mommy's young cousins. A funny thing happened at Great-grandma's bedroom. Don't know how, of all places, the helicopter accidently flew into Great-grandma's sitting potty chair! Luckily the potty's inside was dry - no urine nor faeces. Everyone had a good laugh when it flew into the potty. Even Juan Or laughed too! And because it flew into the potty, now Mommy's young cousins dared not hold the helicopter anymore!

These young Uncles to Juan Or (Mommy's young cousins) were very good at entertaining little kids. They even took out the carrom set to entertain Juan Or. Shown here is Juan Or sitting onto the board like the king of the game with the young Uncles looking on. At the background is Juan Or's Lau Ku (maternal Granduncle). Sorry, Mommy tried rotating this photos but without success - don't know what's wrong.

Here's another pose of Juan Or sitting right in the middle of the carrom board like the king of the game!

So the main conclusion is looks like Juan Or has matured a little already - he no longer cries when go visiting people's house.


little prince's mummy said...

Nice CNY~!

Alice Law said...

Juan Or has really grown up!

The other day I heard him called me for the very 1st time, babblish but nevertheless it's a good attempt... later he shoke my hand, guess I'm going to hit a jackpot! ^-^

smallkucing said...

Kids sure become happy when they see other kids. Can play together

Sheoh Yan said...

Juan Or looked so cute when he was frown.

Alice Phua said...

Little Prince's Mummy, thanks!

Alice Law, hahaha! Yes, his tongue is getting more flexible nowadays compared to last time.

Smallkucing, I'm sure Joshua and Juan Or will like to play together if they meet one day.

Sheoh Yan, he just loves to put on that face whenever he's aware that someone's taking his photo.

mNhL said...

Wow..the carrom set reminds me of my childhood. Used to play that with my cousins too whenever we go back to grandma's house. Now, not anymore. Wonder where is that carrom set gone to.

Alice Phua said...

mNhL, glad that reading this blogpost brings back some sweet old memories of your childhood. Actually that carrom set is very very old already. I remember playing with this set with my uncle and aunty (they were still young working adults, single and unmarried that time) when I was about 7 or 8 years old. I was surprised too that the set is still in existence in my Grandma's house.