Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Juan Or on Day 1 of Chinese New Year 2010

This was what transpired on the 1st day of Chinese New Year 2010 (14th February 2010).

First, Juan Or woke up late that morning. See the red mark on Juan Or's forehead? He slept so soundly that he didn't realize the mosquito biting him! By the way, Juan Or's paternal Grandpa handed ang pows (red packets containing money) to him and since he was still sleeping, Mommy slipped the ang pows between his thumb and forefinger, and then took a photo of him!

Finally when Juan Or woke up, Mommy took him to the babysitter's house to drink milk. And since it was New Year, so Mommy spend some time in babysitter's house as part of new year visit before the babysitter was scheduled to leave for Thailand at noon.

After that, Mommy brought Juan Or back and tried putting on a Chinese New Year boy suit on him. Mommy bought this suit from Giant Desa Petaling for RM9.99 and it comes together with a Chinese hat. Alas, Juan Or hated the suit that Mommy had bought with all good intention!

He fretted, screamed, struggled and cried when Papa tried wearing the top part on him so much so Papa was not able to button up let alone wear the pants on him (Mommy was busy snapping photos.....hehehehe!). In the end, Papa gave up. So Mommy tried but failed too, so Mommy gave up too. Don't know what was so scary about that Chinese New Year suit. Cheh....there goes Mommy's money for buying something that Juan Or refused to wear!

So Mommy wore Juan Or a new set of normal T-shirt and shorts type of clothing and he immediately stopped crying! Look at how happy he was wearing only 'normal clothes'!

And here's Juan Or looking outside the house. Must be eagerly waiting for guests to come, perhaps? Since Juan Or's Grandpa is the eldest son in the Lok family with a stay-in Great-grandma being the matriarch, so the house is expected to be filled relatives soon.

During the waiting process, Grandpa entertained Juan Or by bringing him out to the porch to look around. Here, you can see Juan Or holding an ang pow that Mommy gave to Juan Or.

Then, went up sitting on Mommy's car.....

.....and out in the hot Chinese New Year sun!

And finally it's Mommy's turn to take over Juan Or from Grandpa. So Mommy took the opportunity to snap a self-portrait - just the two of us! By the way, you may notice that both Juan Or and Mommy wore red that day. Pure coincidence? No, actually Mommy did it for two reasons: because it was Chinese New Year and also because Mommy was about to ask Papa to take photos on his DSLR camera to join a Huggies Hug Me in Red Contest! Just trying Mommy's luck since Mommy had recently purchased Huggies diapers for Juan Or.

After having vegetarian noodles for lunch (cooked by Juan Or's Grandma), Papa and Mommy took Juan Or to 1 Utama Shopping Centre to watch acrobatic lion dance performance. The lion dance was supposed to start at 2pm, but we already reached there about an hour ahead of time. When the time was nearing 2pm, Juan Or became restless and fretful due to sleepiness, but luckily with the mere thumping of the Chinese drum, gong and cymbals, Juan Or immediately stopped fretting and watched intently instead! However, too bad, Mommy left the handphone at home, so couldn't take any snapshots or videos, and turned out Papa forgot to bring his handphone as well! Now, that's real coincidence!


Sheoh Yan said...

I wonder why he disliked the CNY traditional costume. Am so curious. Funny! Doesn't matter, no forcing. Forcing will make the child more traumatic.

Alice Phua said...

I also don't know why he dislikes it so much....hehehe (*scratch head*)

little prince's mummy said...

Cry until so pity?! What's wrong with the traditional costume?

Alice Law said...

Hoho... I gave up putting Juan Juan in traditional costume long before she turned 1. Kids get warm and stuffy in this polyester material, they prefer cotton base which is more comfy!

Btw, 3 of you looked pretty nice in red!

smallkucing said...

Uiks...so cheap ah with the hat too? The one i bght was short pantno hat rm8-80 from tesco.

Lucky for me, J didnt make a fuss. In fact he kinda "ai sui". Each time wear new baju he'll say "nice nice ah".*pengsan*

Hmm...have you been watching those chinese "Kiong si" movies when preg??kekeke

Alice Phua said...

Little Prince's Mummy, realy dunno (*shake head*)

Alice Law, thanks! :-)

Smallkucing, hehehe...unfortunately the hat cannot wear becos his head is bigger than the hat! :-D
Hahaha....Joshua small, small already so vain ah? :-)

Serline said...

I like seeing kids wearing traditional clothes. Maybe You can get him a Chinese New Year clothes next year that made of cotton with printed cartoon character to attract his attention.

mNhL said...

Hmm....must be the material of the chinese costume. hey, good luck in the Huggies red contest.

Alice Phua said...

Serline, ya, perhaps can try that if I can get hold of such clothes and if the price is right too...hehhee.

mNhL, maybe he doesn't like the material, too shiny perhaps. THanks, ya!

BoeyJoey said...

Maybe it's the tight mandarin collar, or the fabric cause itchiness?

Doesn't matter la... his red attire is also fitting for the occasion :-).