Monday, February 8, 2010

Trip to the Heart of Kuala Lumpur (Part 2)

This is a continuation of the previous post.

We reached Dewan Merak Kayangan FELDA at about 11.50am. It is a big building but we couldn't see any sign of the hall. Instead we were greeted by fishes in aquarium! Turned out that's the concourse area of the building.

We were greeted by fishes in aquarium!

The aquariums (right) decorating the concourse area.

And since we didn't see any crowd within the vicinity, we felt we were a tad too early, so we loitered at the concourse area first - let Juan Or have some freedom walking around without us holding on to his little hands.

Juan Or can't help fiddling with the barrier stand.

Climbed up a bench.....

.....and sat down to pose for Mommy!

Finally when the clock striked 12.00pm, Papa said,"Come, let's go look for the hall now." So we went just out of the concourse area to the other side of the building and voila - that was the red carpet! So the hall must be somewhere round the corner!

Where there's red carpet, there's a hall!

Indeed it was. And just to be sure that we went to the correct wedding, there was a board indicating the function. Mommy checked the name - yes, correct! Turned out too that apparently Mommy's ex-supervisor's daughter is getting married to a Chinese man!

Papa and Juan Or posing next to the function board.

Mommy was greeted by Mommy's ex-supervisor (Prof. Dr. Ramli Abdullah), his wife and all other ex-laboratory mates (plus the new faces ones which Mommy never knew but somehow they knew Mommy!). It was something like a get-together of sorts. Mommy took the opportunity to photograph together with Prof. Ramli and Juan Or. Juan Or is something like a 'grandchild' to Prof. Ramli, so Mommy taught Juan Or to call him 'a-tuk' to which Prof. Ramli was very happy to hear that!

Mommy posing with Prof. Dr. Ramli Abdullah with Juan Or looking intently at him.

We got ourselves seated. The hall was beautifully decorated in shades of white and light blue, and Mommy even noticed that the colour of the attire worn by Prof. Ramli, his wife and his postgraduate students (who were the usherers) were also in different shades of blue! There must be some colour scheme involved!

The decorated tables and chairs, and most of all the 'throne' for the wedded couple.

As for food, it was buffet style for those seated at the non-VIP tables whereas those at VIP tables were served the 'muhibbah' dish set. The dishes were dry beef rendang (very tasty!), nasi minyak (too dry!), white rice (too dry also!), sweet and sour garoupa fish (very tasty!), vegetable curry (not tasty!), raw mixed vege/fruit (so-so only) and papadam. How well did Juan Or eat? Well, Mommy tried feeding him rice to which he ate only very little (too dry, perhaps?), he didn't know how to eat the rendang and sweet and sour fish, but he definitely loved eating papadam (minus the gravy).
How about Juan Or's reaction towards the Malay wedding? Well, this time Juan Or behaved well and didn't act anti-social. Only thing was that when Mommy's ex-laboratory mate carried Juan Or, he started calling out "Mama! Mama!" in a panicky state so much so she had to quickly pass him back to Mommy! Hehehehe......

The bersanding ceremony was scheduled at 1.30pm, but too bad, by almost 1pm, Juan Or became fretful due to sleepiness. No choice, we have to leave the wedding already. Mommy was given a Toblerone as token for attending (Wah, no more bunga telur anymore for modern day Malay wedding!).

The token of Toblerone wrapped in blue-themed "Rina & Adrian" wrapping paper.

As we walked back to the car, Mommy noticed that the roadside parking near the building was still not fully parked. In Mommy's opinion, that's the good thing about Malay weddings. Most Malay weddings start at 12pm and ends at 4pm. And nobody is expected to arrive at the same time. As guests come, they eat and then go. So continuously, there are vacant places for other guests who come later to park. Malay weddings are good for guests who have babies/toddlers to bring too. Whenever the baby/toddler becomes restless, the parents can merely eat faster and then leave. Unlike Chinese weddings, everyone is expected to come at the same time, so parking can be a big problem and babies/toddlers usually cannnot last that long, yet the parents cannot leave the wedding yet. So looks like Malay weddings are more practical and baby-/toddler-friendly. ^ ^
Anyway, here's wishing Rina Ramli and Adrian Lee a happy and loving marriage!

And here's Juan Or putting on his 'devilish' face while holding the chocolate. Afraid someone will steal your Toblerone, izzit? :D


Alice Law said...

Walau eh~!! The modern days Malays really know how to appreciate gourmet, garoupa for buffet (What a luxury)?!!

Btw, like the "eccentric look" of Juan Or in the last photo!

smallkucing said...

Hahaha...Joshua also loves Papadum.

Serline said...

So what did he do with the chocolate in the end? If it's Narelle, she will rip off the wrappers and smash it.

BoeyJoey said...

Hey hey, I saw you and Juan Or on The Star today! Haha... nice one :-D

Alice Phua said...

Alice Law, hehehe...I notice my ex-supervisor's family is a rather modern Malay family. Other things 'modern' that I notice of them since my student days are the wife and daughters don't wear tudung, if he switches on radio in his office, you can hear English songs rather than Malay songs, and I have never sensed any form of racial preference nor biasness in my dealings with him.

Alice Phua said...

Smallkucing, next time if so happen both Joshua and Juan Or are together and Juan Or has a packet of papadum, can share-share loh! :D

Alice Phua said...

Serline, hehehe....when I asked back for the chocolate to keep in the fridge, he kuai-kuai handed it back to me! :-)

Alice Phua said...

BoeyJoey, thanks! Will blog about it today....hehehe :D