Sunday, February 7, 2010

Trip to the Heart of Kuala Lumpur (Part 1)

Yesterday, Mommy got a phone call from Mommy's ex-supervisor (during Mommy's university days when doing Life Science research project), Prof. Dr. Ramli Abdullah. He invited Mommy to attend his eldest daughter's wedding ceremony. Wow! Mommy was thrilled. The last time Mommy saw of his daughter was when she had just finished her pre-university studies, but now she's 24 and is getting married already!? Wow, how time flies!

So today was the wedding day and Mommy decided to bring Juan Or along as well. At first, Papa was hesitant in bringing Juan Or along because Juan Or was anti-social when we brought him to a colleagues's wedding last time. That time, Juan Or cried whenever Mommy's colleagues approached him. However, Mommy was adamant in bringing Juan Or along just to 'test the ground'.

The wedding lunch was held in Dewan Merak Kayangan FELDA at Jalan Gurney 1 off Jalan Semarak in Kuala Lumpur. The luncheon was supposed to start at 12pm, but by 9.30am, we already set off to KL. Reason? Because both Papa and Mommy were not very sure where exactly was this place. What we had was only a rough and hazy idea. So by about 10am, we already reached the Jalan Semarak area and after twisting and turning here and there (and got lost too!), we finally found the place. After we were done with surveying the place and because it was still early, so Papa decided to bring us to Bukit Bintang Plaza. This would be Juan Or's first time to the heart of KL. Previously, bringing Juan Or to the heart of KL would be the last thing in our mind because of the crowd and expensive parking. Yet, if we want free parking, we will have to walk very far which is not a good idea if you have a baby or toddler tagging along. But today is an exception - we parked at the roof top of Bukit Bintang Plaza, paid RM3 for 2 hours' parking (which is quite expensive!) because we were here for a wedding!

Here are some snapshots of Juan Or (and some Chinese New Year deco) at Bukit Bintang Plaza:

"Yay! Yay! Here we are at Bukit Bintang Plaza!"

"Juan Or, why are you starring at Mama like that? So angry-looking one! Why? Becos Mama doesn't want to carry you - too busy taking photos, izzit?"

CNY deco at the concourse area of Bukit Bintang Plaza.

More CNY deco.

CNY deco from the inside part of the main entrance of Bukit Bintang Plaza.

Here's Papa and Juan Or posing somewhere in front of Bukit Bintang Plaza.

Papa said,"It's the Chinese New Year season. Come, let's see what the chinaman shops have to offer for CNY!" So we walked out of Bukit Bintang Plaza and headed to Changkat Bukit Bintang and then turned to Jalan Alor to have a look at shops selling dried meat ham.

We were done looking at Loong Kee....

.....and now heading to Syarikat Kiew Brothers.

"And hey, we are back here in Bukit Bintang Plaza again."

More CNY deco.

Browsing through some shops.

Here we are at Daiso (still in Bukit Bintang Plaza), the Japanese shop selling things for RM5 per item.

"Juan Or, be careful not to spoil the things when fiddling, ya? Papa and Mama cannnot afford to pay for damaged goods, ya?" Hehehehe.....

At about 11.30am, we left Bukit Bintang Plaza and headed back to Jalan Semarak for the wedding. And this would also be Juan Or's first time to attend a Malay wedding.
(Stay tuned for Part 2 tomorrow!)


Alice Law said...

Hehe...!! The other day I lost my way to Bukit Bintang Plaza, eventually ended up at the roof top parking as well! :p

Looking forward for your next post!

smallkucing said...

I know why Juan Or is with an angry face. he was think...aiya...Papa and Mommy should have bring him to jln2 there sooner. So many things to see.

Alice Phua said...

Alice Law, haha...will write the Part 2 today :-)

Smallkucing, kakakaka....maybe also hor! :D

Sheoh Yan said...

Can really feel the CNY atmosphere in post.

mNhL said...

Agreed. The parking in KL is extremly expensive. Hope Juan Or enjoyed the malay wedding.

little prince's mummy said...

So many CNY decos!~

Alice Phua said...

Sheoh Yan and Little Prince's Mummy, the CNY decos in BB Plaza are still considered simple, but ok-lah, not too bad.

mNhL, talking about parking in KL. There was one time I went to Plaza Low Yat to buy some computer stuff and I mistakenly parked into Amoda Building ( all the while I foolishly thought I had parked in Low Yat already!) and turned out, Amoda's parking is really exorbitant - RM14.50 for just about 3+ hours! Wah, really sakit hati!