Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Just the Two of Us

Yesterday was Federal Territory Day. So it was an off-day for Mommy since Mommy's workplace is in Cheras, but not for Papa whose workplace is under Selangor state. By the way, it was an off-day for the babysitter too since we all stay in Kuala Lumpur. Originally, Mommy had planned to take Juan Or to the National Zoo but later decided against it because Papa had just discovered that his driving license has expired for almost 2 months! So by hook or by crook, Mommy had to go to any post office in Selangor to renew Papa's driving license. So that early morning (about 6.10 am), Mommy fetched Papa to work, then Mommy came back to continue sleeping. Then by around 9.30am, with Juan Or strapped to his baby car seat, Mommy drove to the post office in Tesco Puchong.

We reached Tesco Puchong's post office at around 10.05 am and from the number slip that Mommy got, there were 84 more customers before it's Mommy's turn to be served! Mommy was very tempted to go shopping in Tesco during the waiting time, but decided against it as Mommy did not want to risk missing Mommy's turn. So what was Mommy to do with so much waiting time and with a toddler tagging along? Luckily there is a McDonald's restaurant and the McDonald's playground facility is really, really a godsend! And since there were not many kids playing (only about 1 or 2 at any one time), so Mommy allowed Juan Or to play there. So off and on, after a while of playing, Mommy 'dragged' Juan Or along to go check the current turn number at the post office. Whenever Mommy wanted to do that, Juan Or would protest and act uncooperative! So Mommy would 'intimidate' him by pretending to walk off. Then Juan Or would call out to Mommy (scared of Mommy leaving him! Hehehe!) and Mommy would turn back to take him and he would act uncooperative again! But finally Juan Or would give in after several times of 'leaving' him. Here are snapshots of Juan Or enjoying himself at the McDonald's playground.

"Here I am at the McDonald's playground!"

"Who wants to come and play with me? Anyone?"

"Well, if nobody wants to play with me, then I shall play by myself! Yippy, I love playing at the stairs! Climb up!"

"Climb down!"

"Then make funny faces for Mama to see!"

"And another funny face for Mama! Oh, look at my think, sexy lips! Muahhh!"

"See this little girl? Hahaha....finally found myself a playmate!" Mommy's note: This little girl had actually entrusted Mommy to help her take care of a pair of children sunglasses that her Daddy had just bought for her so that she could go play at the playground with Juan Or. By the way, where's her Daddy then? Apparently he was busy choosing himself a pair of sunglasses to buy too at a nearby booth! Juan Or, on the other hand, was very happy to be in the presence of other children (Mommy can see him shouting happily!) although the other children (not this little girl) were not really playing with him.

Finally, at about 11.15 am, Mommy's turn came. However, shortly before Mommy's turn, Mommy managed to put Juan Or to sit on a shopping cart that someone had abandoned at the post office. Since the post office was very small and crammed, Mommy was not able to push the shopping cart in, but Mommy was in luck. There's this gentleman, Mr. Tiew, who is the father of two of Mommy's piano students who was also waiting for his turn. So Mommy asked him to help keep an eye on Juan Or while Mommy did the transaction. After it was done, Mommy had a short chat with Mr. Tiew and thanked him as well. Mr. Tiew particularly mentioned that when he came over, Juan Or actually told him "Mama, mama!" while pointing at Mommy's direction! Oh, how sweet of Juan Or! Actually Mommy was surprised too why Juan Or didn't cry when Mr. Tiew approached him (it's common for Juan Or to cry whenever a stranger approaches him and sees him straight in the eyes!). Or perhaps Mr. Tiew has this baby-friendly aura considering that he still has a 3-month old infant at home (his 3rd child)?
After the post office, Mommy took Juan Or for a quick shopping in Tesco. Mommy bought 2 pairs of Mickey and Minnie Mouse in Chinese New Year attire (12 " tall plush toys), each for RM17.95 (which is considered cheap because the cheapest ever was RM19.90 for 8" ones) as part of Mommy's collection and also for Juan Or to play with. By then, it was something like 12.30pm and Juan Or was fretful already due to sleepiness.
Shortly after leaving Tesco, Juan Or dozed off in his baby carseat while Mommy drove to the new house's garden area to buy fried rice with crab meat for lunch. It cost RM6. Halfway through when waiting for the food to be ready, Juan Or started fretting and cried again, but luckily as Mommy rocked him on the lap and sang softly to him, he calmed down.
After buying lunch, we headed to our new house. That's when Mommy ate while feeding Juan Or as well. Then Mommy tried rocking Juan Or to sleep, but he refused, instead wanted to play. After playing and sweating, Mommy took bath of Juan Or and then, Mommy took bath too while Juan Or played by himself. Actually Mommy was doing a trial-run of handling Juan Or single-handedly without anyone's assistance and so far, so good! ^ ^
All doing all that, it was already 4.30 pm and almost time to get ready to fetch Papa back from work. So by 5 pm, Mommy and Juan Or left the new house and headed for Papa's workplace, during which Juan Or immediately dozed off in the baby carseat again. Finally, by 6 pm, we reached Sri Petaling (in-laws' house) and Juan Or was still asleep. Guess he must be very, very tired after an entire day of outing and playing.

Sleepy 'B' with his plush Mickey Mouse in Chinese New Year attire.


little prince's mummy said...


Alice Phua said...

LIttle prince's mummy, thanks for visiting! :-)

Alice Law said...

Yeah, it's sure fun spending a day with your child! With papa around everything will be "NO! NO! NOooo!!"... hehe!

Btw, Happy Chinese New Year!!

Alice Phua said...

ALice Law, Happy Chinese New Year to you too!

Sheoh Yan said...

If my husband is not around, I dare not go shopping with my 2 girls. 1 child is still ok to handle, but 2 children, I rather stay at home.

mNhL said...

The Mickey looks very cute in the CNY attire. Your PH looks very tiring le, but sure fun and relaxing.

Alice Phua said...

Sheoh Yan, yup, if I'm in your shoes, I'll also be like you. One is still OK, if two then it will be a handful to manage when go shopping.

mNhL, hehehe....that's why I grabbed until 2 pairs of MIckey and Minnie becos got 2 sets of CNY baju. :P