Monday, February 22, 2010

Juan Or's First Time Record

Juan Or posing with the baby bottle that he had just drank finish in the new house.

Today is a historical day for both Juan Or and Mommy. Today's the day Juan Or has successfully drank his bottle of milk in the new house without any crying or fretting nor any nagging or coercion on Mommy's part. Perhaps readers out there may be wondering what's the big deal about Juan Or being able to finish his milk. This was what happened:

1. When Juan Or was a newborn (0-2 months old)

Juan Or started as a breastfed baby. When he was just a few days old, Mommy breastfed him till it's time for Mommy to sleep through the night. So Mommy fed him infant formula which can last him for 3 hours, otherwise with breastmilk it could only keep him for at most an hour to an hour-plus only before Mommy had to wake up to breastfeed him again. This went on for 1 month and a few weeks before Juan Or starting rejecting the formula milk. He even refused sucking from the bottle. He only wanted Mommy's breast. So from that day onwards, Mommy only fed him from the breast because Mommy didn't have any patience to see him reject sucking the bottle nipple.

2. When Juan Or was 2-12 months old

When Juan Or was 2 months old, Mommy's maternity leave ended, so Juan Or was send to the babysitter during the day. At the babysitter's house, Juan Or obediently drank Mommy's expressed breastmilk from the baby bottle. But once back home, Mommy breastfed fully and didn't at all try to bottlefeed him because Mommy wanted the continuous natural stimulation to produce milk which Mommy had been missing the whole day due to work. According to the babysitter, once in a while, Juan Or rejected drinking Mommy's thawed breastmilk. So to counter this, she either used spoon to scoop milk into his mouth or poured milk directly into his mouth using the baby bottle's cover, to which Juan Or obediently drank.

3. When Juan Or was 12-14+ months old

At this stage, Mommy was still pumping out breastmilk for Juan Or, but had to supplement the supply with toddler's milk. At that time, Mommy's pumped breastmilk yield had dropped drastically to a mere 5-7 oz. per day (last time's yield was 13-16 oz per day). So during weekends, when the babysitter was not around, Mommy merely latched Juan Or to Mommy's breast for his milkfeed.

4. When Juan Or was 14-plus months to 21 months 1 week 1 day old

Juan Or started to reject breastfeeding at 14-plus months old. So Mommy stopped breastfeeding and Juan Or was fully on toddler milk by then. When it was the babysitter's off-day, Mommy had to bottlefeed him at home (that time still staying with the in-laws) and he rejected bottlefeeding. So Mommy had to send him to babysitter's house for her to bottlefeed him (to which he drank obediently!) and then brought him back. Sometimes, the babysitter was not around during the weekend but her other family members are, Mommy still brought him to drink milk in the babysitter's home environment (to which sometimes he rejected, sometimes not). Off and on when Mommy tried bottlefeeding him in in-laws' house again, he rejected. This routine went on till he was 21 months 1 week 1 day old. Because of Juan Or's milk-feeding eccentricity, Papa and Mommy dared not moved out of the in-laws' house. Moving out would cause a lot of travelling and waiting inconvenience for Mommy as our newly-bought house is faraway from both the in-laws' house and the babysitter's house, whereas the babysitter's house is just few houses away from the in-laws'.

5. When Juan Or was 21 months 1 week 2 days old up to today

This was when Juan Or started to show his readiness to drink milk from the bottle without having to be forced. This time also coincided with Chinese New Year (CNY) 2010, the 7th day. The babysitter was not around since the first day of CNY to the 9th day. So before the 7th day, Mommy still brought him to the babysitter's house to feed him milk. Then suddenly, on the 7th day, Grandma tried giving him milk at home and he drank magically! On the 8th day, again he drank at home without any fuss. On the 9th day, Mommy brought Juan Or to our new house in the afternoon and he drank there without making any fuss! Hooray! Papa, Mommy and Juan Or will be moving out from in-laws' house very, very soon already.

Hooray, also no more having to bicker, quarrel or argue with the in-laws about how to raise or discipline Juan Or! Mommy is really tired of having childcare issues with the in-laws. Mommy is glad that Juan Or's milk-rejection phase has ended. Then Papa and Mommy can move out with more peace in mind about Juan Or's well-being.


Alice Law said...

Congrat! Hehe... Kids are smart enough not to starve themselves over the holiday!

smallkucing said...

Hooray!! God for Juan Or and peace to everyone

Sheoh Yan said...

Alice, congrats! What a big milestone for Juan Or and the mother. Great!

Alice Phua said...

Alice Law, thanks! Am glad that even after the holidays (as of yesterday night's milkfeed), Juan Or still accepts drinking milk at home. Only thing is that he will only accept drinking it if the baby bottle has the blue colour rim - any other colour, he rejects totally. Naughty boy!

Smallkucing, oh yes, indeed it's a big relief for me. So now am counting the days when we can move out already.

Sheoh Yan, thanks, I guess Juan Or has finally reached the 'maturity' of knowing how to drink milk by himself without having to be forced. Am really happy and relieved.

BoeyJoey said...

Good job, Juan Or! And good boy too :-)

Pete said...

Reminds me of my eldest son after full moon, we have to feed him milk using a spoon for months!

Alice Phua said...

Boey Joey, am really glad Juan Or has finally did it! :-)

Pete, oh, I can understand the frustration when baby just refused to be fed the normal way.

mNhL said...

Phew...what a relieved. and all the best in your house moving. So who is going to look after Juan Or after you all shifted?