Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Why Juan Or Likes It Longer!

Hey, hey, hey, what is 'It' that Juan Or likes!? Hehehe.....nothing dirty, ya! 'It's' none other than the LG's new Chocolate BL40 handphone! Yes, that's right, the LG Chocolate series makes a comeback with their new BL40 member - this time longer in many ways!

Why Juan Or likes it longer? Here's Juan Or to tell you why:

1. No need to squint my eyes anymore to see small-sized icons, pictures and videos! It's longer to house a 4-inch widescreen that has crystal clear HD resolution (800 x 345 resolution) and a 21:9 ratio HD cinematic display. So, longer viewing area means easier, nicer and more comfortable viewing!

"See! I have to squint my eyes like this if the screen gets any smaller!" By the way, Juan Or is holding a chocolate bar in his right hand, and by this, Mommy really means REAL CHOCOLATE (not the BL40 Chocolate though because he's waiting to win one mah!).

2. Mommy can take more quality snapshots of me! That simply means longer photography fun for Mommy anytime and anywhere! This handphone comes with a 5.0 Megapixel camera with Schneider Kreuznach lens and LED flash. So if the place is shady and dark, never mind, Mommy can still take good quality snapshots of me! The digital zoom is said to even rival that of an Olympus SP565-UZ 10MP prosumer camera (see here).

"I wish Mommy's handphone camera can always take quality snapshots of me anytime, anywhere." This photo was taken using Mommy's old handphone (not a BL40 Chocolate) and under a shady tree but because the sun was very bright and hot that day, the photo turned out well, otherwise it would have been a disaster! Had it been a BL40 Chocolate, taking photos even under insufficient light will not be a problem anymore.

3. Mommy can do more things faster at the handphone already! No need for me to wait and wait and wait till Mommy's done because by then, I would have started fretting already! I'm sure you must have heard of the saying that babies can't wait, right? Well, that's exactly what I am! This handphone comes with superb touchscreen that has multi-touch function, intuitive responsiveness and finger-friendly 3-D graphics, thus easily accessible and easy to 'play around' with just a sweep of the finger! And that translates to faster responsiveness, less waiting time and most of all, longer quality time with Mommy! Yay!

"Mommy's old handphone is rather slow to respond, that's why Mommy takes so long to do even the simplest things on her handphone. See, I'm fretting already! Had it been the BL40 Chocolate, then I don't have to wait so long before Mommy can attend to me."

4. Longer body simply means better call quality! I don't have to speak so loud anymore so that Papa or Mommy can hear me on the other side. You know I'm a soft-spoken boy, right? (Big, innocent eyes....... ^ ^)

"I'm using Mommy's optical mouse to mimick the length of most handphones in the market. See, wouldn't it be better to be longer? Then I don't have to speak that loud for the other side to hear me clearly."

5. Longer digital fun and experience! I can occupy myself even better now when on the move with Papa and Mommy because with the stretched 21:9 ratio HD cinematic display, Mommy gets to browse webpages, check emails and view funny video clips more comfortably. The handphone even comes embedded with special content from James Cameron's epic movie 'Avatar'. So when Mommy gets to see those things, I will get too! Won't that cure me from boredom and fretfulness when going for outings with Papa and Mommy?

"What you see is utter boredom on my part, that's why I zzzzzzzz already. If I get to win this, then I won't sleep at all nor fret in the car because Mommy will have occupied me with watching nursery rhyme video clips on the BL40 Chocolate."

6. This handphone's made for the fashionista like me (a wannabe!) and I like looking at it as much as fiddling with it! Even this handphone is longer than other handphones in the market! Just like the supermodel who is taller than the average people I see in my daily life. Even fashion experts from Vogue, GQ, Elle and Esquire have proclaimed it as the 'Supermodel of Phones! Glossy, sleek, thin, elegant, with the chassis made of metal and tempered glass, and comes with a free stylish Twenty8Twelve’s limited-edition designer case (designed by Sienna Miller and her sister, Savanna) - what more can you ask for?

This is one little boy aspiring to be a fashionista. The look would have been complete with Juan Or holding and posing with the BL40 Chocolate.

Well, so much has been said about why Juan Or likes it longer, but what exactly does it look like? Here it is.......ta-dah!

This is the LG Chocolate BL40 handphone that Juan Or is referring to.

Well, life's good, but longer's good too!

P/S: This is Mommy's blog entry for a contest organized by Nuffnang and LG. The top three most creative blogposts will win the LG Chocolate handphone (BL40) worth RM2,199 each. More details of the contest can be found here. Hurry! The contest ends on 14th February 2010.


Serline said...

Congratulations! Hope you have double luck. Good luck to you!

Alice Phua said...

Thanks, Serline! :-)

cheeyee said...

Good Luck!

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Good Luck :D

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JeM said...

Nice post.! Good luck.

Alice Phua said...

Cheeyee, Smallkucing, and JeM, thanks!

To 'The CHinese writer', sorry, I dunno how to read Chinese characters woh! So I won't be able to give the appropriate response.